Reader Submitted Fourth of July Photo


This one was taken by Jimmy. If anyone else has some good photos from the fourth of July send them my way at [email protected] and I’ll post them throughout the week.

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  • Nice shot!

    We went to Grant Circle since it was recommended and it was a great spot to watch local fireworks! So thanks for that. The families that were out there had some great stuff and it was fun to watch them go back and forth with the friendly banter and competition. We could also see fireworks from all the other streets that came off of the circle too which was really neat.

  • yeah, it was great until the drive by racism happened…we were standing on the sidewalk surrounding the circle, under a streep lamp when someone in a passing car yelled “fucking crackers!” out the window…

  • TheNeighbor

    What I loved the most was comming home from a nice 4 day weekend at the beach and having to clean up fireworks debris from my front and back yard. I guess I should be thankful my house wasn’t set on fire? Thanks!

  • It was quiet in my neck of the woods. Usually sounds like a war zone. The ballfield on Upshur at 14th St. sure was a mess. I feel bad for the older people who live in the apartments right next to the field. They must hate the 4th or they love it because they have a great view without leaving the homes. Still, people show no repsect for others – quite a shame really.

  • Too bad the people in Grant Circle couldn’t clean up after themselves. What a mess!

  • Sherman Circle is the same too – lots of trash. At least most of it is piled near the trashcans, however.

  • Some of them actually did clean up after themselves in Grant circle. Cristobal and I saw one family with a big black garbage bag and they had all their kids helping pick up their mess. But it would have been nice if they had used their friendly competition and banter to get the other families to do the same.

  • I enjoyed the fireworks and not everyone was leaving a mess behind. The people setting them off behind Looking Glass Lounge were even good enough to dunk their fireworks in water before tossing them in a gigantic trash bag.

  • Wow – beautiful! An iconic DC photograph.

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