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  • thats the front of the house?!?! geez…i am all about the modern beside the classic, but this time my first thought was ‘wtf?’

  • Wow. It’s almost as if developers have just stopped trying. I think a FEMA trailer would have more curb appeal.

  • there should really be a law against this. Would much rather the cool modern looking houses people build on empty lots to this exburban style crap. Manassass called they want their houses back.

  • oh god, please, if you’re going to throw a lightning bolt, i think i’ve found your target.

  • its moments like this that make me thank GOD I live in a historic neighborhood. I will never buy a house by a vacant lot. Can you image you save all your knickles and dimes and buy a classic townhouse in an up and coming neighborhood in dc only to have some horrid developer put these up across the street from you. They need to plant some big old trees in front of these stat.

  • Shannon and Donna Freeman wouldn’t even bother getting out of their car!

  • Is it just me or does the door on the right appear to be Hobbit-sized?

  • Hobbit door or not a Hobbit would never call one of these places home. They have more class than that. This is probably a suburban developer who saw a good deal on a plot in dc and just barfed out the same crap they do in glen bernie in DC.

  • Total agreement that such non complimentary construction should not be allowed. We put up with a lot of aggravation living in this city and for our “officials” to allow such construction adds insult to injury. Architecture is one of the few draws of this city and DC just pisses it away with hideous pop-ups, build-outs and this type of crap.

    What’s the cross street on Webster?

  • What frustrates me so much about these houses is that it would not have taken much for them to look so much nicer.

    They could have easily modeled the Design around the existing Wortman homes.

    My point is that it is ugly for no reason, Would it really have cost more to make it look better.

    One extra window would have make a huge difference

  • they could have at least put front porches on them. That would have blended them with the other houses in the neighborhood and hidden some of the fugley facade. They look like the ugly houses on harvard street that the POP posted a few weeks ago. Do not fit in and will not sell for as much down the road. My Guess is it wont last 25 years. Someone will buy it as a tear-down. When the neighborhood gets richer.

  • Totally ugly and for no reason. They obviously did not try. Maybe if there was a decent yard it wouldn’t be quite so horrendous though.

  • What you can’t really tell from this picture is how they totally dwarf the little houses next to them as well. Fugly.

  • I fled Nova for DC in part to avoid housing like this. Barf.

  • What drives me crazy about this city is that every new commercial business has to go through a bureaucratic nightmare for the most basic permits, yet somehow atrocities such as these or the famous NH Ave. pop-ups can occur without any oversight. It’s like we have the worst of both worlds, either make new development difficult across the board or let people do what they want, but this middle-ground limbo is a nightmare.

  • A little bit of Prince William County in the heart of Ward 4!!!

    A shame there’s no Wal-Mart within quick driving distance.

  • it’s a shame because there are some very interesting , eco and city friendly prefabs out there. who makes these choices?

  • the developers are probably from out of town. They did a quick demographic analysis and decided to do the cheapest thing possible to slap on the market for a cheap enough price for a low income family to afford and maximize thier profit. They prob pop these crap houses on plots all over MD and VA. If they knew the neighborhood to be up and coming they may have put more thought into it and made something a little more urban perhaps. Even a small 4 unit building might have been nicer here. But it probably wasn’t zoned for such

  • I actually met the developer (briefly) when I walked by when they were using the crane to put them up. Typical glad-handing salesman (with Maryland plates on his $100K Mercedes).

    He asked “whaddya think?”

    “Nice cranes.”

    Joe Martin was out there too, he claimed to be curious about the permits, but clearly somebody missed the ball. How is this sort of utter crap allowed?

    Can you *imagine* this going up on the other side of Rock Creek Park?


  • i believe it’s time to round up a posse and find the criminals who erected this crap.

  • Well you could do some leg work and find out if its all up to code and in line with zoning. Sometimes mistakes are made and permits weren’t in place and then you have some recourse. Otherwise get some like minded people together and think of a way to word a bill that would outlaw cheap ugly suburban homes from being built in city limits. This would be difficult but one way for instance could be to outlaw Vinyl Siding. Could always apply to make petworth-park view historic neighborhoods but that could really stiffle development. I know Chevy Chase DC has begun the process because all the houses were being bought as tear downs and McMansions were going up left and right and ruining the character.

  • hey, they tore down a house built up in north portal estates, maybe they could do the same here if there’s a technicality that can be exploited…

  • OK….totes ugly! But, I can get into pre-fab. If you are into the classic modern look, there are companies that sell modern pre-fabs. See, e.g, http://rocioromero.com/.

  • Well ask me how I feel about this, as I live right by this houses. As ugly as they are, they are a lot better than the 2 abandon houses that were there before that were used as drug houses. To answer some of these comments, these houses are suppose to be low income housing and supposedly they have been already sold to 2 families for $350,000, but now apparently only 1 is sold. So that answers a lot to the cheapness of these houses. Secondly, the contractor was supposedly hired by the DC govt. to build these houses. These houses clearly violate zoning laws, but since the contractor was working for DC govt, I guess he was able to get away with it….or is DC govt completely oblivious?

  • Right now, the only way to assure design review, is through the creation of a historic district. More information about the process can be found here: http://www.dcpreservation.org/kicms.php?newdir=&ToDo=Edit&FileName=districtsfaq.html

  • Asti, The house that IMGoph is speaking of was permitted through the DC government and I believe DC had to cover the costs for its removel because of its various violations. So just because DC coordinated this crap being built doesnt mean there is no recourse. While I am sure it is better than having crack houses this new construction is truely a lowest common denomenator approach.

  • I drove by those just this morning and thought they looked awful, now I see the post here. It’s just awful. Did anyone ask the owner about porches or awnings or anything that might help them fit in with the environment? Do our elected officials have any opinion on the bastardization of our zoning laws? Or are there no zoning laws related to asthetics? This is pathetic.

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