PoP Readers Are The Absolute Coolest! Thank You.


It never ceases to amaze me how nice PoP readers can be. I have been invited to so many dinners, bbqs, happy hours and parties. I’m not always able to attend all of the invites but I super appreciate them. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the nice folks who have invited me to get togethers. This is all a lead in to some super nice folks who invited me to check out a “greatest spot to drink a morning cup of coffee.” Pictured above is the precocious Olivia and her Mom and Dad(‘s leg). Indeed their coffee spot was delightful. I’ve been pining to check out one of these upper decks for ages. The owners of this house, both architects, have an incredible set up. There is a spiral staircase that leads up to a deck with a view of a beautiful tree and Rock Creek Church Road. It is really cool because there is no alley. The front of their home faces New Hampshire Ave. and the back faces Rock Creek Church, very cool indeed. So we had some killer coffee and pastries. It just boggles my mind how nice complete strangers can be. It made me realize just how lucky we are to live in the community in which we do. I don’t know what it is about Petworth, Park View, Columbia Heights, Mt. Pleasant etc but folks are beyond kind. So I just wanted to publicly thank all who have been so kind to me and surely many others as well. More photos of this incredible home after the jump.

I love the cedar shingle and spiral staircase.

Another angle.

Awesome paving stones on the ground floor.

Bonus to be facing Rock Creek Church instead of an alley.

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  • That house is gorgeous!

    And if we had anything cool about where we lived that would entice you, I’d totally cook for you!

    But that deck… that is gorgeous.

  • Nice.

    (~2 year old standing on second story deck with shoulders and head above railing = scary to me!)

  • I’ve thought about going this route a lot recently with a staircase and roof deck and am curious about 2 issues.
    First, would any of these nice people who have these sweet setups be willing to mention approximate costs for these projects, either the whole thing, or broken up between what the spiral staircase cost, and what the roof deck cost? I realize on the deck part you can have a lot of variation depending on what wood you use, or design etc. but what about for something pretty basic?
    Second, I wondered if people didn’t worry about the security concerns of having a spiral outdoor staircase leading from the ground to the 2nd floor/roof where they presumably don’t have bars on the windows? Would your neighbors feel their security was compromised even if you had bars on the 2nd floor windows since someone could get to your roof and so also theirs (and roof hatches)?
    Thanks for any insight.

  • little girl standing close to railing….scary for me too

  • JnDC, good questions. I was just starting to wonder the same thing about price, and hadn’t thought about the security angle

  • The spiral stair doesn’t go to the ground. It only connects the first floor to the roof deck.

  • Isn’t the first floor generally on the ground, and or close enough that it could be pretty easy to get to, and therefor everything else?

  • The house has a walkout basement, so in the rear, the ground floor is actually the basement.

  • I’ve noticed a big difference in different neighborhoods on problems with house breakins. I have no bars on any windows, but do have an alarm system. I haven’t had any problems. My friend who lives in Shaw has bars + security system, and an 8 foot locked security fence in the back, and she and her neighbors have had several attempted breakins or find sketchy guys trying to climb over the fence. So far no one has actually gotten into my friend’s place, but she’s had her door kicked in a couple times…but no one could get through the bars and they ran away when the alarm went off.

  • nice roof deck. my roof deck in ledroit is my favorite thing.

    and yes completely agree about people in these communities, both older residents and new. those of us who spent time living in rental apartments in the ‘burbs between leaving our childhood homes and moving to the city are blown away by the fact that people actually talk to neighbors and so forth. its bizarre having lived in arlington and rockville!

  • We took our bars off two years ago and installed hurricane windows “laminated glass.” Expensive, but you basically have to use extreme force too break the glass. After going through a fire, I decided I would rather be robbed than trapped by iron bars. Now we can just open the windows and get out. We also have an alarm. Bars be gone!

  • I installed hurricane windows on my first floor as well. they successfully resisted a kid trying to break them with a brick (I caught him doing it). The brick actually scraped them a bit but didn’t break through! awesome.

  • as a new father, I was thinking the same thing with the kid standing on the bench like that. yikes.

    Nice view though.

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