PoP PSA: Please Don’t Do This

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I’ve been hearing a number of stories of folks getting their bikes stolen off of their porches. So even if you have it locked up on your porch it may be tempting for thieves. I think it’s best just to bring it into the house. It doesn’t matter how old or how cheap the bike is, it will get stolen.  Thank you.  Now back to our regularly scheduled posts.

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  • Thankyouthankyouthankyou….
    I’m sure you’ll get all kinds of replies from folks saying “I only do it for a few minutes during the day” or “I’ve been doing it for years and never had my bike stolen”. The truth is this is just inviting someone on to your porch to try to steal your bike. I’ve had friends who have had their porches literally dismembered, whether it was wrought iron sawed through or wooden beams battered into splinters. It’s just not worth it folks. Your bike deserves better.

  • Happened to me when I first moved to North CH/Petworth 5 years ago.

  • Happened to us. Locked gate a locked bikes didn’t stop the crooks.

  • Yeah, but some of us have such small houses that it’s really not practical to have a bike inside. My little house is only 12 feet wide and already full of stuff. I lock my bike in the backyard to one of my window grills.

  • Oh yeah, my bike was stolen off its “industrial-strength, can’t ever be cut” lock from inside a community garage that you need a code to get into. If they want to take a bike, they will find a way to take a bike.

    This is naive, I know, but why do people steal bikes? I’m not in the robbing business, but it would seem to me that there would be other things that are higher-tech or higher-value to steal? So many bikes are stolen in this city that the bike-to-thief ratio seems ridiculously out of whack.

    Is there some factor I’m missing here? My bike wasn’t that great, either, but they still took it.

  • I’m glad you asked Teddy because I was curious as well.

  • Bikes are most often stolen to be traded for drugs. [Street level] dealers LOVE bikes because it makes them more mobile, increases their marketing area, and they are better able to evade police. These dealers are constantly losing these bikes though. Often because they don’t use locks or they’ll give the bikes to neighborhood kids in exchange for them acting as lookouts.

    Some bikes are stolen for resale, but that’s most often not the case. If it is, it’s so the seller of this stolen bike can buy drugs.

    Other reasons would be because some kid really wants a bike and his parent[s] are poor, and some kid just moved in up the street with a nice bike, so they steal it.

    Also, the police don’t take bike theft seriously, so there’s relatively little risk of being caught or actually arrested/charged if caught.

  • side note, if you store your bike in a facility in your rental apt building rental insurance will cover it if it is stolen

  • Thanks apt manager – renters insurance is SO worth it. Usually less than $120 a year and will cover just about anything stolen from you except a car.

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