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We’ve discussed this question in the past but I thought it would be interesting to get some poll numbers on the subject.

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  • PoP, why is there no Private school option, NCS, St. Albans etc have elementary schools…again a bias of the privately educated.

  • My god, how anyone with a choice would subject their kids to the DC public schools is absolutely beyond me. I’ve yet to meet a DCPS teacher who could even speak proper English. Voluntarily sending kids to have their brains molded by that dysfunctional organization is tantamount to child abuse.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    My bad about the private school option. For this poll let’s just assume Private School is the same as the Charter option.

  • Um, I am keeping my fingers crossed that Fenty and Rhee shake up the systems which has the nationa’s highest per student spending. From Muriel Bowser’s newsletter, the results are depressing, and yet they show progress and are the best in the city. Wow:

    “Here below are the unofficial CAS Results (percent proficient) for Ward 4 schools. While we are pleased with the progress, there is still more work to do.

    Ward 4 Elementary Schools:

    Barnard: 66.37% reading, 55.75% math (has a very successful principal, Shirley Hopkinson who’s efforts were highlighted by the Examiner newspaper earlier this year)
    Brightwood 49.10% reading, 28.14% math (has a new building and new parent resource center)
    Lafayette: 88.89% reading, 88.53% math (a Blue Ribbon School with the best elementary principal for school year 2007-8 as named by the Washington Post)
    LaSalle: 39.68% reading, 32.54% math (will become a pre-K through 8 model school this year)
    Powell: 34.04% reading, 48.94% math (receiving major facility overhaul this summer)
    Shepherd: 73.91% reading, 63.77% math (receiving additional pre-K and kindergarten classes this year)
    Takoma: 70.83% reading, 67.26% math (offering two new Head Start programs for 3 and 4 year olds this year)
    Truesdell: 47.24% reading, 48.82% math (will become a pre-K through 8 model school this year)
    West 56.04% reading, 38.46% math (will become a pre-K through 8 model school year
    Whittier: 51.37% reading, 45.90% math (becoming a high tech campus)

    Ward 4 Middle and High Schools

    MacFarland: 32.04% reading, 33.13% reading (receiving major facilities upgrade this summer including science labs)
    Coolidge: 29.09% reading, 50.91% math (will become a high-tech high school to mirror McKinley Tech High School)
    Roosevelt: 22.13% reading, 26.23% math (has excellent career and technical programs including the hospitality, tourism and cosmetology).”

  • Already have moved to the VA suburbs from Petworth, but still love this blog.

    We moved so that our children could get a good, no great public education. It is sad, but here is the cycle that I have seen with all of our friends. Young couple, newly married or co-habitating (straight or otherwise) buy house in the city in Petworth, CH, Mt. P, live in said house or apartment for several years, decide to have kids, wait 2-3 years and then realize that a) public schools are terrible in DC, except in upper NW, b) can’t afford private school, c)need to sell house and move to suburbs for better schools. Cycle starts over again with new couple.

    DC needs to fix the system (I have no answer) so that young couples and their kids want to stay in DC. There wasn’t any incentive for us to stay.

  • Dan – point taken re: DCPS and its characteristically low performance. However, I’m a former DCPS English teacher with a M.A. and a published writer. One of my colleagues, who continues to teach in DCPS, has a law degree from Harvard. I assure you that we’re not the only two who can “speak proper English.”

  • How about neither?

  • Err…none of the above. Private school only..

  • Private school only

  • DC public schools can’t be fixed. If you are ever interested, corner one of the approachable kids in your neck of the hood and asked them about some of the wildest things they have seen at school. That will be all you need to know. Smoking weed. Sex in the hallways. Sex with the teachers. Some of the teachers have boyfriends that sell drugs. Assaults on staff. Assaults on students. Uninterested parents. You name it. If/when the schools are ever improved, it will due to a demographic change.

  • I sent my kids to Annunciation (on Mass Ave) tuition was about 6k/ year. I was very pleased with the diversity and the quality of their education. The son went to Field (26/k) and the daughter is going to Elizabeth Seton (10k) for HS. I would never consider moving to the burbs, the education my children have received by virtue of living in the city is priceless (or worth the price of private schools). It’s not cheap, I sure don’t eat out much anymore, take great trips to exotic places or wear designer duds but it’s a trade-off I would do again in a heartbeat. Plus I would have to shoot myself if I lived in Fairfax.

    I watch all the pregnant women belly bumping, all the toddler mashups and all the stroller jam at the MtP farmer’s market every Saturday and keep hoping that critical mass might finally be reached such that Bancroft can become a viable alternative but I’m not seeing much evidence that that is the case.

    I also have been wondering if given the real estate market, people can actually afford to move? This of course depends on when they bought their homes.

  • Private School. Montessori, hopefully.. Just because I want my children educated doesn’t mean I need to move to the Suburbs!

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    first to ecole maternelle

    and then to Lycee Rochambeau (French immersion school)

    … so i guess private school only?

  • thank god for birth control!

  • saf

    What Kalia said.

  • I’m not sure that I’m having kids but if I do they can’t go to DCPS and I probably can’t afford private school for 13 years. I’ll probably just move to the burbs.

  • This is a tough question… when we return to CH (living abroad now), if we can get our daughter into a good charter or out of boundary school, that would be our choice. But, if the stars aren’t aligned and that doesn’t work out, we will sadly move to the burbs.

  • PoP, You should have included home school as an option also, no? Otherwise private, in ten years when I have kids..

  • You know, if all the parents who take great pains to send their kids to private school, charter schools, and out-of-boundary schools just get together and agree one year to just send their kids to DCPS en masse, forming a parent’s group and essentially “taking over” the school, and volunteering and getting in the face of the teachers and principals and let them know failure is not an option. It’s been done with one or two schools on Capitol Hill I believe.

    We’re hoping to have a kid soon, can’t afford private school, and really don’t want to leave the District. When the time comes I hope to join or form a group of concerned parents myself. If everyone just coordinated…

  • I watch all the pregnant women belly bumping, all the toddler mashups and all the stroller jam at the MtP farmer’s market every Saturday and keep hoping that critical mass might finally be reached such that Bancroft can become a viable alternative but I’m not seeing much evidence that that is the case.

    Of my kid’s class at Bancroft, more than half of the white kids got pulled because the Bilingual education does not work. At one point his teacher pointed to a group of girls and said that the girls do a lot better speaking Spanish than the boys. Every girl there was Latin! Latin kids were being graded on how well they spoke Spanish. It was crushing.

    The administration was very open to having frank conversations with me, but the individual teachers did not act at all professionally. For instance, I was going to put up a US Flag in my son’s classroom so the kids could learn patriotic songs and the teacher, who was European, told me he didn’t want one. Umm, I’ve got a hint, if you don’t want an American flag in your class, MOVE BACK! Some of these people had advanced degrees, but they spoke and acted like thugs! What scared me was that… sometimes teachers know where the deficiencies lie in a school, well most of these teachers thought true deficiencies were not a problem because they grew up in Ward 8 and they’d keep comparing Mt Pleasant to Anacostia. Anacostia is a weird f**king anomaly that should NEVER have existed and they’d sit there and say, why are you complaining about an art teacher, in Ward 8 a kid got knifed in the school! The people in Ward 8 are not real people! They’re fakes and phonies. Ward 1 is REAL.

    I’m going to give Murch one chance and my neighbors are going to give Eaton, Stoddard, Key and Oyster a chance, but most of us know that we have to sell our houses and move because there are teachers who were born in segregation, grew up during the riots, thought life under Barry was “normal” and they are right and truly separated from the rest of the USA with no understanding that their experience was so weird that it must be discarded.

    And its those teachers who just would not be changed in the face of young lawyer families.

    But charter schools? hell, those are 10 times worse than public schools. Imagine a 22 yr old with no experience in a converted office space with no supplies. Let’s watch a disney video!

  • What I’m saying Mr T in DC is that I tried to take over the school and I got beaten down by the teacher parents of the kids who are shooting people in Columbia Heights. They didn’t respect me. I can say that being confronted by people who disrespected me as much as those teachers did absolutely sent my personal race relations back 20 years. It was disgusting how they acted and it made me feel disgusting inside for how I reacted.

    I saw one teacher park her car at 8:30am and then drive away at 3:45pm. You call that a full day?

  • If you’re on modal verbs, what about did, as where do/will/did you send your kids to DCPS? And the answer is I did send my three to DCPS, but no way was it a neighborhood DCPS. They all went to Oyster, Deal and Wilson. And some of the things said here about DCPS teachers are unfortunately true and it depresses me almost daily, since they are my colleagues. I have coworkers who are not curious about things. They believe in education because you can make money if you’re educated, not because learning is exciting. The anti-intellectualism is so disappointing. Dan Saunders is of course exagerating a bit. I know many DCPS teachers who have master’s, mine are from GW and G’Town and they are not in education. Needless to say, I speak proper English, as it’s my family’s native language. I grew up speaking standard English. But I understand the local vernacular. If a child asks me “Who book?” I know he means “whose book?” “I been knew that” is “I already knew that”, etc. All this richness of language (saracasm, if you can’t tell), I picked up in DCPS. I love it and I hate it. And it’s my life. But the rest of y’all, believe in public education all you want as an ideal, until it’s time to send your little darling to school with children whose mothers have children with different criminal fathers, who teach their kids that if someone hits you, hit them back. And wait til your darling comes home saying someone told him that his cousin was gonna come up to school and he has a gun and he’s gonna shoot you cause of what you said. I wish I had the imagination to make this up so I could write a novel instead of being a DCPS teacher. About the 8:30 to 3:45 day, it’s 8:00 to 3:30, and many of the teachers come early (in my casr) or stay late.

  • Among many of my fellow DCPS colleagues, mostly middle class black women, there is great dislike and distrust for Michelle Rhee. I happen to like her and welcome many of her needed reforms and keep my mouth shut. Even though I’m white, people speak their mind around me, unless they know their comments will insult me or hurt my feelings. I constantly hear that Michell Rhee wants to reform DCPS to get rid of the black teachers and kids and make the schools for the white families moving in (as if those improvements wouldn’t benefit all children anyway). I hear people say, she’s doing it for the white people, it’s part of the plan for whites to take back DC, that Rhee and Fenty are part of it.
    If we look at Adams Morgan and Mt Pleasant, areas with many white families, you don’t see them putting their kids in HD Cooke, Marie Reed or Adams (now joined with Oyster). Neither are there middle class or so-called yuppie families considereing Powell in Petworth, Tubman or Meyer (now closed) in Columbia Heights. It’s just not happening. But the comments about Bancroft interest me. Is there a white middle class population now at Bancroft, or no more than 10 kids? I will check the DCPS demographics.

  • I send my kid to private school in Takoma Park, MD (it’s 15 minutes from us in Bloomingdale dc, and the bus picks her up at our door and drops her off). I’m very involved in my immediate community and DC politics in general, but I can’t see subjecting my child to DC public school. I think the idea of parents pulling together and working hard to turn things around is a nice idea, but I just don’t have the optimism and faith left to put the time and energy into it.

  • The people that knock the DC public schools the most are really just ignorant about them. They are transplants from little suburban towns and went to all white public schools . They are scared shitless of the demographics of the schools here and the poor write ups they get. But if you plan on parenting your child outside of school they will do just fine and in fact be wiser, stronger, and more understanding of the real world if you send them to public schools in a unique urban environment. Instead they run off to the subs with tail between legs to raise some boring kid who will then move to a city for three years after college and then to the burbs and repeat the cycle again and again. just dont reproduce. the world will never notice.

  • But if you plan on parenting your child outside of school they will do just fine and in fact be wiser, stronger, and more understanding of the real world if you send them to public schools in a unique urban environment.

    No, the kids are not doing just fine and anyway, “just fine” isn’t good enough. My kid was coming home complaining about the teacher, the lack of work, the lack of science, the paint problems and he even came home making fun of the teacher’s aide’s pronunciation in Pre-K!!! I had to sit him down too many times to tell him and his friends to stop making fun of kids of other ethnicities for not using proper English. I was on the playground when a 4 year old in pre-k shouted loud that he was going to “kill the gay white people” and the teachers didn’t say anything to him about it because they didn’t know what to say.

    A strong percentage of the staff looked at me with anger or would, you know, be talking animatedly about something and then get quiet quickly.

    But when my son and his friends met with a group of other friends who went to a MoCo school and the MoCo kids wrote better, spoke better and played math games that none of us had ever heard of, I realized that in fact, the kids in DCPS are NOT JUST FINE, in fact they’re starting off with a deficit that was getting progressively harder for me to make up at night. I wish I had the energy to sit with my kids and read to them, have them do math problems and have them do writing exercises at night, but I’ve got about 45 minutes per kid after dinner and then they must be asleep. The teachers have them for 8 hours- the teachers can teach them how to write because that’s the freaking curriculum!

    I had a parent come up to me in the hallway and threaten at me about Michelle Rhee. The only reason anyone could think of was because I had come back from work wearing a suit and tie and was talking to the office staff and “white person” plus “tie” equals “school official” to this freakazoid, and not merely “another parent.” It was insulting and was probably the first really identifiable racist incident against me in the last 5 years.

    The DCPS ethnic demographics for Bancroft are wrong. I know three white families that said they the administration asked them to list their child as an ethnic minority when the child was multi-ethnic. There are dozens of “white” kids at Bancroft but many of them are multi-ethnic and don’t show up in the statistics because one grandma is Asian or Latin.

  • I write about DC Public Schools and I am far from ignorant about them, as I sent my children to them and have worked for them for over a decade. While some may be scared of the demographics, there is much to be fearful of when it’s YOUR CHILD at stake. And the so-called poor write ups that schools get? Are reporters making this stuff up? Are the metal detectors in Roosevelt just because some reporter wrote a lying, defamatory rant on poor DCPS, where young men five grade levels behind in reading are trying to sneak in guns that are supposed to be outlawed into an unairconditioned rat hole of a building because they have a neighborhood beef? Yes, these demographics scare me. But they are not demographics. In DCPS, this stuff is called an incident report. And there are just too many for my liking.

  • To the former Bancroft parent, I am so disappointed to read about your unfortunate and totally believable experiences at Bancroft ES. It’s not considered a ghetto school by those in DCPS. My teacher friends all think of Bancroft as one of the better east of the park schools. This is horrible.

  • Ok, before all you young parents start moving to the burbs, I’m going to do a little advocacy for the charter schools since the only other poster who has mentioned them has characterized them as
    “hell, those are 10 times worse than public schools. Imagine a 22 yr old with no experience in a converted office space with no supplies. Let’s watch a disney video!”

    Let’s separate out the good charters from the bad [ which there are plenty of]:

    Capital City Public Charter School–good
    Washington Latin-good
    Two Rivers-good
    Yu Ying–opening this year, not proven yet, but sounds very impressive
    LAMB-heard some good things, some bad
    EL Haynes–“ditto above”

    KIPP schools-good

    other charters…..not so sure.

    Now there are other charters people could advocate for, but these above schools are ones that I know people who personally have children attending, including myself.

    Before you high tale it to the burbs, give a close look to each of these above schools.

  • My child went to Nativity Cath Acad. last year and my wife and I decided to give the replacement charter school a try for one year. The students in the school do fairly well and we like the principal and the teachers we have interacted with. My daughters pre-K and first grade classes had more challenging material than the catholic schools west of the park and in bethesda that we considered. We do work with her at home as well. The charter will be in a traditional school building and run buy experienced administrators. If the students continue to do as well I expect that the school will out perform the best of the charter and public schools in DC. We’ll see.

  • Community Academy Public Charter has a lot of competent, retired DCPS teachers and I have heard good things about it.

  • I mentored a senior at McKinley Tech; and volunteered frequently at a soup kitchen in Georgetown with kids who attend a variety of private high schools. There is absolutely no comparison. The McKinley Tech student (who is bilingual) can barely write a sentence. The volunteer students can deliver nuanced critiques of ideas.

  • Again, this is distressing, because McKinley Tech is thought of a a decent public school. If you were talking about Roosevelt, Cardozo or Coolidge, I wouldn’t be surprised. But McKinley?

  • Before anyone sends their child to a DC public school, talk to the students that go there. It will be enough to never send your kids to a DCPS. I was talking to a kid and his mom in my neighborhood. The kid was having an affiar with the teacher. His mom didn’t care. The kid would stay gone days at a time staying with the teacher. His mom didn’t care. In fact, she would no teven press charges because she said “He knew what he was doing”. This teacher is now a principal in TX. The young man told me the teacher dated a drug dealer. The family told me of having to go to the school after catching two of her sons on camera having sex in the hallways. Smoking weed in the hallways. Guns. Knives. Teachers having sex with each other. Principals having sex with the staff. Most of the kids in my neighborhood talk about how young the teachers are and it is basically a dating scene for the staff.

    If I had kids, I wouldn’t send my kids there for a pot of gold.

  • To the former Bancroft parent, I am so disappointed to read about your unfortunate and totally believable experiences at Bancroft ES. It’s not considered a ghetto school by those in DCPS. My teacher friends all think of Bancroft as one of the better east of the park schools. This is horrible.

    I’m sure I could describe what my experience was in better detail in-person so that the nuances would shine through. I love Bancroft as a concept and really want the school to succeed. What I believe is working in Bancroft’s favor is that it’s taking Spanish-speaking kids from Columbia Heights and getting them interested and excited about schools even though their parents believe hard work is more important than education. Those kids are coming from let’s say, level 3- in a good apartment with mom and dad working. But the rest of Mt Pleasant is at about level 7- $800k townhouse, one parent with a master’s degree or above, two parents in the household, one or two cars, 100 or more books in the house and entering pre-k from an academic daycare. One of the parents was easily a multi-millionaire if he sold his real estate. You put the Mt Pleasant residents w/ six figure combined incomes in with the Columbia Heights residents and the Mt Pleasant kids start to perform worse than they did in their private programs and the teachers, some of whom I said grew up in post-riot DC, do not understand that MoCo or Fairfax runs 10 times better, those teachers do not believe that they’re making the mistakes they’re making. The teachers focused on bringing the kids from Level 3 up to Level 4 or 5 and they didn’t really care that the kids who started at Level 7 backslid to Level 6 or 5. The kid is reading more over the summer than he did in the spring. He’s doing more art in camp than in school. That cannot be considered normal. Maybe next year will be much better, but I stopped trusting teachers who grew up with substandard educations because all they’re doing is a little bit more than their old teachers when you can get top-notch educations for free in the suburbs.

    I really believe the administration is trying hard to improve, but they missed NCLB’s AYP again and they will go into restructuring. No matter what the administration does, there are teachers at that school who truly believe the school is “good” because it’s better than the school near where they live in Northeast. I am sick and tired of people comparing Bancroft to a school in an area with poverty. Mt Pleasant houses can sell for $1 million, that’s not poverty. Teachers thought I was being strange because I demanded more from a school, but I can get a better school in Murch, Eaton or Oyster, let alone in Chevy Chase or Fairfax.

    Besides, the DCPS is far less diverse than the suburbs anyway. A friend’s Silver Spring school not only has African American and Latin students, but also Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, African and Brazilian students. The neighborhoods here just aren’t that diverse and the teachers can drop all that “I’m Blessed” Christian stuff without fear that a non-Christian might be attending a DCPS school. That’s just the way it is. So when I realized that lack of cultural diversity was an issue in DCPS? What a total shock that was.

  • To Not using alias:

    “For instance, I was going to put up a US Flag in my son’s classroom so the kids could learn patriotic songs and the teacher, who was European, told me he didn’t want one.”

    Perhaps you should move back to West Virginia where a ridiculous stunt like that might be better received? Thank god the teacher had the good sense to keep that crap out of his classroom.

  • “The people in Ward 8 are not real people! They’re fakes and phonies”

    you’re the problem, jackass “not using alias.”

  • A US Flag is a “Stunt?” Thanks McCain voter, but I don’t buy that.

  • Is it possible, that if every parent that has an elementary age child in Mt P banded together with every other parent and sent their kids to Bancroft (rather than diluting the group by splintering into 10 charter schools) and then held the teachers accountable and volunteered their time and raised money for the school, as is done (oh and how it is done) at Murch & Oyster & all the other top performing elementary schools on the other side of the park… Is it possible that Bancroft could become a viable alternative for the parents of MtP?

    This has been vexing me for some time. The problem will never be fixed if everyone that has the wherewithall to fix it runs away. It really seems to me (I am a broken record on this) that there are enough people in the MtP neighboorhod to make a difference at Bancroft if everyone is willing to work together.

    Nothing will change if children are peeled off to attend charter schools or even worse if their families abandon the city altogether. I kind of hope that all the charter school wait lists fill up and no one can sell their homes so they are forced to Bancroft.

  • Schweeney, I’ll be the first person there!

    But here’s how I believe the teachers experienced this, I will paraphrase a mean quote based on how I was treated:

    Those white yuppies move into the city and they want their precious Janey and Jimmy to read and write in kindergarten? There are kids out here with no dad and a mom strung out on crack! If they want their little princess to have the world handed to them on a platter, they need to move “back” to Virginia.

    No one ever told me that, but I was absolutely told to my face when I complained about a teacher’s performance in the classroom that this teacher immediately pointed to children in Anacostia who had it worse.

    How did your neighbors view you when you bought your house? For me, about half the neighbors loved us but another half called us Ofays or Mr. Charles or threw trash on our lawn or wouldn’t let us pass because we were “white yuppies” even though no one we knew would have called us yuppies. Some of those people, the parents of the kids shooting up Columbia Heights, are teachers. Those teachers do NOT want to be told by a white person or Asian person that they don’t know how to teach EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE TERRIBLE TEACHERS.

    So Schweeney, I have donated into the hundreds if not one thousand dollars to Bancroft over the years. I am there to help it change. But I could not be on the forefront of race-related anger, I do not have it within me to be that person because it makes me feel sick inside. And the idea that a group of white people will “Take over” Bancroft is almost literally a FEAR of the teachers, not something they want at all. Think about it.

  • Again, the details about Bancroft are painful to read and I don’t doubt them for one minute. And having an American flag is pretty standard in most public school classrooms, and I’m in one every day. Murch, Eaton and other west of the park DCPS are much better. To the above poster, I would get your kid out of Bancroft, which was an experiment, a failed one for you, your family and your child. You make good points about the parents with master’s, 100s of books in the house, good careers. These all are more descriptive than just calling people upper middle class or yuppies or other terms I don’t like. Children from these kinds of families will do well, but the point that Bancroft is dragging them down is valid. So it’s time to get them out of Dodge. Bancroft is going through restructuring? That’s positively frightening. As for parents abandoning the city, hasn’t that pretty much happened years ago? Yes, Rhee wants to offer better public schools to lure them back, but it will take years.

  • This notion that “white people want to take over the schools” is something I have heard. Someone should answer, no thanks, we don’t want them, yáll can keep them. (I’m kind of joking.) But those awful teachers like those described have no experience nor interest in teaching children different from them. They don’t want educated parents anywhere around because they’re afraid we’ll see them for what they are: burned-out, poorly educated, insular and mediocre on a good day. Most people I know say teachers don’t get paid well. But it’s the highest paying job some people can get and that’s why they stay. So it’s the awful teachers who have kept Bancroft from transitioning into another Oyster or Murch. How stupid, because all the riff raff will be moving out and the school will close one day due to declining enrollment. And all the so-called yuppie parents won’t give the school a second look.

  • One reason some ineffective teachers don’t want educated white parents and their children in their classes in some DC schools is that they will see what’s really going on. And do something. They will call downtown to the central administration when they hear teacher’s aides yelling at 4 year olds to “lay down” at nap time and shut up, instead of talking to them nicely. They’ll say that they have to yell at the kids, because this is the only way they can control them, the only thing the kids respond to. But the truth is, it’s the aides who don’t know any other way to speak to children. This is the way they were raised, the way they raised their own kids. Over-involved white parents will see when the teacher gets up in a child’s face and yells at him because he’s been misbehaving. They’ll see that certain teachers, instead of actually instructing, will give the children choice time while they get on their cell phones or shop on line if they’re computer literate and the classroom has a working computer with internet. Or these teachers will put the kid on the computer to do games rather than work on handwriting or other skills. This is what the teachers fear, that they may have to change some of their practice to meet the needs of these children and their families. For them, it’s easier to work with children whose mamma is on crack and have no daddy. Those parents won’t be challenging them.

  • I should make it perfectly clear that about… 1/4 of the teachers who I talked to at Bancroft were intelligent, educated and seemed to teach really good classes. There is a PhD teacher, African-American, who I have the utmost respect for and a lot of that is because she has a PhD and is teaching elementary school. The worst offenders, of course, were teacher’s aides and support staff but they are right there with your kids too.

    I had issues with some European teachers as well, because they had pretty weird ideas about DC and America in general based on myths and urban legends and at least one was NOT interested in teaching the kids about America at all and that was just an “Ugly European” attitude.

    I remember one discussion about NCLB, I asked a teacher if the school doesn’t meet AYP then what’s the school going to do next year and she said, “Next year doesn’t matter because Obama will get rid of it.” Which is hopefully true, but isn’t it true that the NCLB IS a way to grade a school and if a school isn’t doing well than it means SOMETHING, right?

    I also thought the administration at Bancroft was very professional. There are definitely issues though and after my kid had a bad year I felt that I couldn’t risk 2 or 3 bad years out of 8 elementary school years- kids aren’t in school long enough to blow 9 months on a bad teacher. My kid is in DCPS, but at Murch. We’ll see how that goes and if it doesn’t go, then we’re moving out of DC.

    Bancroft probably is a pretty good school compared to others east of the park, but we can and will send our kids west of the park if we get in and we got in.

    I think that Rhee is on the right track and if teachers who have “Seen it all” and been through the crack wars can be convinced that those crack war kids no longer live in Ward 1 and they have to act like the teachers at schools they compete with then the school system will really change. I’m sure those times were really hard, but so much of me says, “that was 15 years ago” that it’s very hard if not impossibly hard to watch them trot out excuses to your kids and their friends in 2008, 10 years after DC’s real estate boom.

    But I really don’t want people to mistakenly think that all the teachers want parental involvement and change, there are those that don’t or more likely pay “lip service”
    to the concept without understanding that it means they are no longer “above average” for DC, but are barely keeping their jobs while the ones they were better than get fired.

    Again, I really hope Bancroft can get it together, they deserve our help, but we deserve more respect.

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