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DSCN0893, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You know the rules – best caption wins free PoP t-shirt or beer. Winner announced Friday.

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  • Potty trained?

  • Thanks for taking care of my flowers while I’m out of town. You’ll find the hose in the backyard and a stepladder in the garage. See you in August!

  • They’re always after me lucky charms! ….but they’ll never find them in all this shrubbery!

  • The neighborhood just wasn’t the same after Sam’s Club expanded into the nursery business.

  • Neighborhood’s artistic landlord throws yet another beautiful eviction.

  • Getting to know you! Introducing the President/CEO of DC WASA, Alexis H. Roberson.

  • My vote goes to Guinness…

  • There’s a pot of gold in there somewhere.

  • Home of the Mother’s Day Plant Thieves

  • “Eccentric” in Georgetown. “Quirky” in Adams Morgan. “Batshit insane” in Petworth.

  • a staunch supporter of w, mr. clark freely showed his love of bush, and was proud to do it!

  • Due to the high cost of gasoline, 4th of July parade goers were asked to line up and march by the Columbia Heights float.

  • While it is safe to say our Mitchell has several great qualities like his green thumb, modestly is not one of them.

  • Herb’s got my vote.

  • Top three Herb, Odentex and Bogfrog, in no particular order. Nice work! Such creative minds here 🙂

  • “No one could ever bring themselves to tell the cat lady that those aren’t felines hanging by her door…”

  • I think the captions are clever, but I wanted to let others know that behind the somewhat kooky appearance of all of these containers is a sentimental story. The owner of this home created this makeshift garden for his (now deceased) wife who was suffering from cancer to brighten her days. He’s a lovely man.

  • Oh no. I haven’t felt this bad since I set my “slow” cousin Grady’s shoelaces aflame just before the three legg-ed race at the family reunion — never saw the little bugger move so fast before or since.

    I might point out that my comment was meant to express the refreshing directness of Petworthians vs. those snotty, tennis-sweater wearing fops over in Georgetown, and not necessarily suggestin’ any actual insanity (batshit or otherwise) to the saintly widower — who is probably kind to small animals and feeds homeless lepers too.

    That being said, heartwarming story aside, I bet there are at least a few stone-hearted neighbors that wish his industrious and impressive tribute might have been more… erm… indoors. Perhaps ceramic plates depicting the apostles?

  • Odentex, no worries, I really liked your caption. I just thought I’d fill folks in.

  • when the term “Going Green” is taken out of context.

  • There’s always room for one more!

  • ‘Noha’s Arch Goes Green’
    A passionate preparation in saving every species of plants incase we go underwater due to Polar ice melt.

  • “The Not So Secret Garden”

  • Chrissy wins.

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