Poll Question of the Day – How Long Have You Lived in DC?

Tomorrow’s question will be transit related.

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  • hello? 1-2 years summarly left out?

  • Unless today is the anniversary of your arrival in DC I think you’re supposed to round. So if you’ve been here 1-2 years, either of the “one year or less” or “two years” catagories would be appropriate.

    In my case I grew up in DC, didn’t live here for 14 years, and now have lived here three years. I guess I’m in the three years catagory.

  • I think its interesting that there seems to be a drop off after the 10 year mark (29% at 6-10 and then 5% 11-15)

  • I wonder how many people in the poll are counting time in MD or VA. I run into people all the time who say they’re “from DC,” when they’re really “from” a neighboring state. I don’t see why people need to front.

  • the gorch – I did not include the 18 years I spent growing up in Nova, but I do say I’m from DC, because I dislike suburbia and prefer revisionist history. Actually, I do it because its easier and creates fewer misconceptions. Ever tried telling someone abroad that you’re from the northern tip of a southern state and that while your hometown shared virtually no cultural or economic ties to said sourthern state, archaic geographic boundaries required you to remit parts of your salary to fund its highways?

  • Goorch, that is funny, and so, so true… When people at my alma mater said they were ”
    from DC”, they usually lived in, oh, Rockville…. I never got that kind of “fronting” either.

  • can you really select every choice, and submit that? because that doesn’t seem right.

  • the gorch–I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago (La Grange, to be precise). But I always tell people I’m from Chicago, because it’s faster than saying “the southwest suburbs of Chicago”, and if they really want more information (e.g. they’re from the area too) they’ll ask.

  • It took a piece of paper to calculate how long I was in San Francisco.

    MaggieRooHoo, I suspect I needed that break to help me eclipse the 11-year mark. Mind you I left when Barry had brought the city to its knees, and the city had stopped picking up garbage.

  • Once I was checking in to a hotel in Plymouth, MA. As I was filling out the paperwork, the person asked where I was from. I said, “DC.” “Oh, how nice! Maryland or Virginia?” I had to show my ID to convince this person that I live IN the District. I had never had that happen before.

    Sadly, since then, it has happened many times.

    I wish the people from the burbs would say they are from “the DC area” or “just outside of DC.”

  • To Saf: I’ve had the same experience many times, but the best was when I even had someone tell me “no-no… no one lives in DC, thats just monuments and government buildings etc, not any residences”

    Ahh… the ignorance…

  • I once got connected to a customer service person in India and had an exceedingly confusing and difficult conversation about which state I lived in. Apparently they didn’t have DC listed as one of their choices in their system and this guy was insistent that I choose another state.

  • I’m with saf on this one. “Just outside of DC” or “the DC area” are easy enough to say, if for some reason you’re not comfortable just saying you’re from the state you’re from. I just always feel like people are trying to misrepresent something when they claim to live in an entirely different jurisdiction, just because they live close to it. DC residents live under a totally different local government than VA and MD residents, and we don’t get to call MD or VA representatives or senators when we have problems. And I’m not convinced that the culture in NOVA or Rockville is particularly similar to the culture in DC.

    I don’t see how it’s any different than living in Jersey City and saying you live in New York, which would be ridiculous. Or living in the East Bay and saying you live in San Francisco, for which you would get your ass kicked. I’m just sayin.

  • InDC – I’ve had that happen too. Yeah, nobody lives here. No wonder nobody takes DC voting rights seriously. They don’t believe we exist.

    16th St – One night in Dublin, a waiter asked where we were from. I said, “the states.” “I KNEW that. Which state?” “No state.” “You must be from a state.” “Nope, we’re from Washington DC. We’re not a state.” “The capital of the States isn’t in a state?” “No.” “Wow. You just gave me the BEST pub quiz question ever!”

  • Yep, shockingly some of us actually are born and raised in DC. I still remember getting pulled over on a roadtrip to South Carolina after just graduating high school [Wilson]. Some small town cop had never seen a DC license plate and thought “Ya’ll were part of Maryland”. Right.

    I don’t really feel then need to hate on suburban folks who claim they’re from DC. Find a New Jersey-ite from anywhere north of Camden who doesn’t claim to be from NYC…

  • I’ve lived in both Arlington and DC and I’ve worked in Maryland and DC. I don’t really see why it matters to anyone where other people say they are from–why is it any of your concern other than a way to make you feel superior about where you live, like some sort of badge? Not to be hatin’, as I live in CH (ah, the diversity and rowhouses and Metro!)–So I totally get that the culture of my part of DC is different from Cherrydale in Arlington where I used to live (where the rent was cheap and the sidewalks were clean!), but I’m still me regardless of where I chose to live because of a commute to my job in another state or wanting voting rights or schools or, heaven forbid, what I can afford … If someone thinks that their suburb of DC means they live in the larger DC culture, who cares if you know better ’cause you live in urban blight?

    Now, when they are against DC voting rights or bitch about paying taxes for Metro, I will smack them down….

  • I’ve been here 7 years counting four years in undergrad. Those count, right?

  • I don’t know that it is always “fronting”. When I was moving to the area from Richmond 2 years ago, my next door neighbor’s boyfriend asked me where I was moving and I said DC even though I was going to be in corporate housing in Falls Church. He was from DC, and he kept picking at me about it saying “so you are going to be living in NOVA then right?” to the point where I was like whatever dude get over yourself.

    To me it was all the same damn thing because I had never been to DC beyond my 6th grade trip to the Smithsonian and dating a guy on Capitol Hill in my 20s where I spent the majority of the time drunk at the Tune Inn or somewhere in G-town. Which by the way the Tune Inn has not changed a bit in 10 years (except for the smoking thing) and is still an excellent dive bar.

    So I spend 5 months in Falls Church and I call the relo people and ask to be put in DC instead because I HATED riding in on the orange line to work every day and navigating 7 Corners was more like navigating the 7 Circles of Hell (or however many circles). They put me in Penn Quarter with all the other corporate relo people, but I started to see the distinction. Then I moved to Petworth when my free ride ran out and I totally got it. I really like this neighborhood and I dread going into Nova for stuff you can’t get here unless I can get there on the metro.

    But long story short, I selected 2 years, and I don’t see the point in truly hating on people who don’t make the distinction. Maybe they don’t know, maybe they are fronting, but who really cares. Now should they pony up some cash to fix our roads and metro? ABSOLUTELY! And do I like to teasingly poke fun at the orange liners coming into slum it at Wonderland? Of course.

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