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  • haha, I thought, WOW, everyone drives! I thought everyone on here rode a bike…then I realized I was the only voter… 🙁 stuuupiiiid!

  • I usually walk back and forth to work (from Shaw to downtown), though I take the bus if it’s raining/I’m running late/I’m lazy.

  • I think this poll needs multiple choices. I get to work on the bus. I get around town in my car.

  • I’m kinda thinking we should have the option to select multiples. It depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing. I rarely drive, but I will if I need to go to the hardware store to get large items. I walk places mostly unless it’s raining. I take the bus rarely. Metro it all other times.

  • I chose other because I work from home… but I guess you could say I walk from the bedroom to the office.

    My husband walks to work as his job is in Petworth about 7 blocks from the house.

    We don’t have a car so only walk, metro or bus for us.

  • I second the multiple options for transport.
    I usually bike to work, but I HATE going up the 16th St. hill, so I sometimes catch the bus at U.
    If the destination is unreasonable to bike/walk, I’ll metro or bus.
    For stocking up on groceries once a month or so, we have a Zip car.

  • Thing is, depending on the weather, my mood and the time I need to be somewhere, I may walk, ride the bus, use the Metro or drive. Never bike. Too scared of the drivers to bike.

  • I also picked “other” as I’m a combination person. Metro/bike or drive, depending on the weather or commitments/travel needs during the day.

  • You should have multiple choice. I bus to Cleveland Park, then metro to Friendship Heights during the work week.

  • saf

    I do a lot of different things.

    I bus to work, mostly, although sometimes I ride the motorcycle, and once in a blue moon I drive the car.

    Getting around town, it varies. I don’t have a bicycle, and I don’t ride the train often, but I walk, bus, ride the bike or drive the car, whichever works best for where I am going and who and what I am transporting.

  • Indeed, usually metro, but when running behind, which is frequent, I take das car.

  • I metro+bus or drive to work, depending on timing and what I’m doing AFTER work, so that’s a tough decision to make. Hmmm! Getting around town I walk when possible, or metro. My bike is in exile in Massachusetts, alas.

  • PoP,

    Don’t you think it’s really cool that 225 people read your blog and voted? I sure do. Way to go…

  • Live in Bloomingdale (long hike to the metro); hate the bus, work in PG County. So I drive everywhere.

  • motorcycle. 65 mpg. insurance $250 per year through geico. kawasaki ninja 250.

  • I bike but hey poo poo, is that how nuch u pay for motorcycle insurance? I love motorcycles….Back home in south America I was biking everywhere, I miss it….let me know more, I thought insurance was way higher!!! Then again, Ive been here in the US for less than a year….


    El Puma

  • Wow, my motorcycle insurance costs way more than that.

  • My motorcycle insurance: $84 a year through progressive.
    It probably helps I ride a vintage bike & am also a motorcycle instructor.
    Great way to get around, but I still find I ride a bicycle for most trips in town. My motorcycle is my ‘car’ for out of town stuff.

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