Pink November Out of Business?

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What’s the word here? This store has always stuck out on U Street for obvious reasons. It seems deserted now. Any patrons know the scoop?

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  • they still have a store on 1529 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC – (202) 333-1121 : )

  • Yeah, this happened a couple of weeks ago, apparently when I was out of town – I came back and the store was empty. I asked around and no one seems to know a specific cause – lack of business I guess, those dresses were expensive. The Pink November in Georgetown is apparently still open (haven’t been out there to verify it myself).

  • I believe that entire corner was bought, don’t know the details but there was a “for sale” sign up on the building

  • Sad to see them go out of business. But I really don’t know how all these little clothing boutiques on U street and 14th are staying in business when the prices are ridiculous!

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