Petworth, Delightful Suburb, Fast Gaining In Popularity

Petworth 1907, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I swore I’d never move to the suburbs. Oh well…

Thanks to a reader for sending this super cool article she “found by accident on the Library of Congress’ Chronicling Americas project. All about Petworth circa 1907.”

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  • Hi POP, if you adjust your flickr settings to allow bigger sizes, that would make it helpful to read this fascinating advertisement. Thanks for considering.

  • Yes, I would also love to be able to read the fine print. Great find!

  • You can see this page on the Library of Congress site, where they also give you the ability to zoom and move around.

    The Washington Times, March 24, 1907

    You can also click on the “Text” view to read, but be aware that the optical character recognition is amazingly messy, so that’s really not a great option.

  • PoP adjust those flickr settings, it used to be that we could view all of your pics in bigger sizes!

  • The first house in the advertisement at the bottom of the page is the big pink house on the corner of NH & Randolph.

  • Thanks Perry!

  • Glad y’all are enjoying this. I was the nerd that sent it in.

    If anyone is interested in other stories there is a great set of pictures on the 11/19/1910 (page 12) and the 4/17/1909 (page 13) of the Washington Times. The 11/19 say that the development along Georgia Ave. as part of “saul’s addition” (Saul must have been owner and/or developer). Some great pictures of an overall area and even specific properties.

    Beware – I got addicted.

    As an FYI these can also be seen/saved as a .pdf file.

  • saf

    ET – Indeed, John Saul owned bits of the neighborhood, although his major holdings were up in Brightwood. He was a farmer, and the land was orchards. His descendants sold off the land, and used the proceeds to found the BF Saul company and Chevy Chase Bank.

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