New PoP Feature: Street Scenes

DSCN1218, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m digging these photos of typical streets in our neighborhoods. This one of course is looking west towards the greatest church in the city on 13th St. seen in the background. If you see nice street scenes please email me a photo. While I’m soliciting photos, I’m still interested in receiving photos of any renovations, decks, gardens or anything else that you are particularly proud of. Send photos to [email protected]

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  • this is very close to my favorite corner in all of DC. 13th and (I can’t recall, Harvard? Girard? somewhere down there), there is this one insanely well-maintained corner row house with ridiculous landscaping and a gorgeous wrap around porch with beautiful wooden slats on one corner, and then three ENORMOUS, one-of-a-kind, super cool old stone / brick mansions on the other three corners. Everytime I walk past I find some other amazing architectural, decorative, or landscaping detail of note …

  • That’s the corner of 11th & Fairmont! represent!

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