New Construction With a Sweet Roof Deck?


I love spotting roof decks when I don’t expect them. Do you think all these rowhouses share one big roof deck or is it divided? Would you prefer one big deck or individual ones?  I suppose it’s sad that there are no porches so I’d hope it is one big deck, personally.

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  • in which neighborhood are these townhouses?

  • Logan/Shaw. Those are on the east side of 11th street, just south of P street.

  • And they are actually condos — a 1 bedroom unit on the first floor, 2 bedroom unit on the top two floors of each “house.” They were developed in conjuction with the larger brick condo building you see in the background. Don’t know if it stayed condo or went rental.

  • They’ve been there for a couple of years now. I think their little yards are a bit odd in that it looks like there is no way to actually get into them- no gates in the fences… Unless they are secret hidden gates…

  • i actually went in and poked around in these buildings (they had an open house a couple weekends ago, and we went in, but there was no agent to be found). you access that roof deck from the taller building to the left. that building and the “rowhouses” are all part of the condo development. but i didn’t see any way to get from the houses themselves onto the roof deck without heading into the larger building.

  • Having a shared roof deck would seem to be a really good way of developing a sense of community within the condo unit.

  • I also thought that the “yards” seemed pretty silly-does anyone know if there is a way to get into them other than jumping over the fence???

  • First view of those yards reminded me of livestock pens. Moooo!

  • are they really on the east side of 11th street? the numbers are in the 1400s, which puts them on the west side of 14th right?

  • Why do no houses in Petworth have rooftop decks? (like the ones that cover the whole roof like you see in baltimore). Is it not allowed/hard to get permits, or is it just something people arent interested in?

  • Permits?!? bleh… no need. Who’s going to see you up there?

  • Chris — They are on 11th street, not P Street, so the 1400blk corresponds to between “O” and “P,” not between 14th and 15th. On 11th street they are on the east side of the street.

  • In reference to ‘RDurr’ I posted this similar question yesterday focusing more on cost and security then permits, but didn’t get much answer from those that have built these sweet rooftop additions, perhaps today…

    I’ve thought about going this route a lot recently with a staircase and roof deck and am curious about 2 issues.
    First, would any of these nice people who have these sweet setups be willing to mention approximate costs for these projects, either the whole thing, or broken up between what the spiral staircase cost, and what the roof deck cost? I realize on the deck part you can have a lot of variation depending on what wood you use, or design etc. but what about for something pretty basic?
    Second, I wondered if people didn’t worry about the security concerns of having a spiral outdoor staircase leading from the ground to the 2nd floor/roof where they presumably don’t have bars on the windows? Would your neighbors feel their security was compromised even if you had bars on the 2nd floor windows since someone could get to your roof and so also theirs (and roof hatches)?
    Thanks for any insight.

  • JnDC: good thread, I have similar questions…

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