New Construction Nearly Completed on Warder Street


Seems to be a little sparse on the windows, yeah? Do you think it could use another row of windows? Although the doorway looks like it may turn out pretty cool. Closeup of the doorway after the jump.


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  • I think this building is hideous, and looks very poorly constructed. It looks like no architects were involved in planning this thing…it’s no style at all except cheap. I think the whole building is just clad in plywood with texture paint on top to make it look like stucco.

    There used to be a large house here on that lot, and it looked at first like they were going to renovate it, but then the house was gone…like part way through they decided not to salvage it and tore it down.

    A couple blocks further up Warder just south of New Hampshire there’s the 2 brick apartment houses, being renovated—one of them had a wall collapse and now there are danger signs on the front door. PoP, i’m surprised you haven’t posted photos of those!

    there’s an awful lot of crappy construction going on in this neighborhood.

  • oh christ, that’s hideous. looks like a triple-decker double-wide.

    it’s like the big mac of trailer homes, dropped in the middle of DC. and those fake stones look like a little dribble on its chin.


  • It makes me think of a big ole anime goldfish, head on…only with too many eyes…an alien anime goldfish.

  • It just gets worse and worse. Is it being done by the same people who did the yellow condos further up the block? It is nearly the same color and has some similar stone-work and window styles, but it is so, so much uglier.

  • proof positive #342 that this city needs design review.

    if not for architectural design, for quality of construction. these buildings are killing our streets!

  • I don’t even understand how it is possible to design a new building that looks this ugly. Does the incompetence of some architects in this city know no bounds?

  • The only way to get design review is by the historic district designation. This would solve 99% of the problems that come up.

  • Having the historic board review everything would solve the architectual problem, but they are very difficult to deal with. If everyone building new construction had to deal with them there would be massive delays which would increase the cost of construction. This would drive up the cost of real estate, making a city that struggles with affordable housing struggle even more.

  • …or a conservation district. We should also upgrade building codes. I do not see how that building could possibly pass building codes…

  • I will bet dollars to donuts that this house was designed by a contractor and not an architect.

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