My New Favorite House Name

DSCN1506, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The Irving has been surpassed. The Albatross now rules. Circa 1885 ain’t bad either.

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  • I am curious what the “S” is for? Pretty sweet name though. Is this a house or apt/condo? If the former, perhaps we should all start naming our houses. It would make giving directions in the neighborhood more interesting.

    “So, you’ll want to take a right at Albatross, pass Irving, right at Electric Kool-Aid, and on your left you’ll see the Stairway to Evan.”

  • Thanks for the honor!
    I feel that all homes should have a name.

    PS – ShermanCircle, the S is the Street.

    PS2 – The dog in this post,, is also a resident of the Albatross, although in this photo she is helping her friends plant some flowers.

  • I wish I’d thought to name my house that!!

  • Albatross – thanks for the clarification. I’m a little foggy this am.

    Kudos – Nice looking house and garden!

  • What a f*cking albatross of a house..sorry..couldnt help myself 🙂

  • The Albatross is a architectural marvel, remodeled on blood, sweat, and muddy drywall. It’s deck is a great spot for a morning cup of coffee, and it has the sweetest guard dog in the city.

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