MPD’s Book Bag/ School Supply Drive for the 2008/2009 school year

Now I don’t ask for a lot of favors but I’m going to ask one now. Please participate in this great program if you have the means. Even if it helps one child find the right path it’ll be well worth it!
From MPD:

“In order for us to acheive our goal of 100 we need 85 more book bags and additional school supplies. We have recieved numerous items so far, but we are not there yet. If you are not sure where to go for the best deals email me or call and I can let you know. Remember school resumes Agust 26, 2008 which is only 33 days away!!!!
Book Bags (variety of colors and sizes for boys and girls)
#2 Pencils (the 5 packs are great)
Colored Pencils
Wide Ruled Paper
Composition (black and white) notebooks
Folders (10 cents ones are fine)
Glue Sticks
Pencil and Pen containers (Plastic box type are fine)
Pencil Sharpeners

There is a box in the Fourth District Lobby where supplies can be left. We will be hosting a Back to School Book Bag Giveaway event Friday August 22, 2008 4-7pm at the Fourth District Station (Community Room). The dead line for drop off is August 20, 2008. Let’s not wait till it is to late. Help us reach our goal for the 2008/2009 Book Bag Giveaway!!! If anyone is interested in volunteering their time for the event please contact us below. For further information you can contact myself below or Officer Irene Hughes at (202) 715-7476 or by email [email protected].”

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sorry I was trying to fix the italics problem and deleted the comments. Here they are:

    1. StubsDC Says:
    July 25th, 2008 at 4:39 pm edit

    As someone who as a kid had to get a babysitting job and buy my own school supplies, I too strongly encourage everyone to participate!!! If people can’t make it to the 4th District station, post a reply and I know I’d be willing to meet up and pick up your items.

    2. Anonymous Says:
    July 25th, 2008 at 4:44 pm edit

    Where’s the fourth district station?

    3. StubsDC Says:
    July 25th, 2008 at 5:11 pm edit

    Its at 6001 Georgia Avenue – just north of the intersection of Georgia and Missouri.

  • “Remember school resumes Agust 26, 2008 which is only 33 days away!!!!
    * Glock9, for holding up you and your neighbors
    * 30-40 tiny plastic ziplocs for… well you, know
    * 1 book, to be tossed in the trash on the first day of school…”

  • That was extremely immature, JM…

    I will definitely make a donation. Just FYI, school actually resumes August 25th.

  • Now I’m hurt!
    But I honestly have no interest in the DC public educational system… as far as I’m concerned the quicker the schools close the better for my quality of life, property values, and personal safety. Sorry if that’s not PC, but there you go….

  • JM- What do you propose as an alternative? Do you think these kids would be better off without any education at all? If your first comment was immature, and I believe it was, your second comment is just nonsensical. I agree, the DC school system is in bad shape and some DC youths are really troublesome, but closing down the schools doesn’t lead to absence of young people, does it? So, instead of at least some of DC youth being occupied for at least some of the day, the scenario you are longing for has all of DC’s youths out on the street all day, every day. Does that sound any better? Perhaps supporting the school system, its leadership, its teachers and most importantly its students will help improve it; I believe an improved education system here in DC is much more likely to improve our quality of life, property values and personal safety.

  • Is this something the DC PD is doing with all their stations or just the Fourth district? I live very close to another station and am lazy, so I was wondering if I can bring it to that one instead. If not, I’ll trek over to the 4th district 🙂

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