More New Art on Old Fire Boxes


This one’s located at 11th and Florida. I liked it because I just read an article in the New York Times about the death of the cassette. I consider this fire box a memorial of sorts.  The article starts:

“There was a funeral the other day in the Midtown offices of Hachette, the book publisher, to mourn the passing of what it called a “dear friend.” Nobody had actually died, except for a piece of technology, the cassette tape.”

Anyway, do you like this one better than the one from yesterday? More photos after the jump.



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  • I’ll repeat what I said on the first post, because I hate to see such negative comments directed at young kids who are just beginning to explore their art…


    In their defense…

    1. The artists are highschool students participating in a summer program
    2. The sculptures are temporary (2 to 4 weeks)

    They will be replaced by subtler, permanent installations later in the fall

  • This is just bad. Nothing else to say. Budding artists or not, anyone can wrap a cassette tape around an object, but then again who gets to decide what is art and what isn’t. In my humble opinion, and it’s just my opinion, this is not art.

  • Sorry AKA, but the “anyone can do it” approach to artistic criticism has been considered pointless for more than 50 years. Art isn’t about perfecting and showing off a skill — it’s about expressing ideas. And, as POP points out in the post, there are some ideas at work here… therefore, it is art. And it’s interesting.

  • These students must be participating in the fiasco of trying to pay high schoolers to enroll in “enrichment programs” that have been a topic in recent WashPost stories. Whether one likes these temp sculptures or not, the kids are not being “enriched” as the summer programs promise and lack oversight/scrutiny/success; also the money disbursement is a big problem (huge surprise in DC) and the overseer was fired a week or so ago…

  • saf

    AP – No. This is not a summer youth employment program, it’s an arts education program run by a nonprofit.

    And yes, they are being enriched – stop by the Art and Media House some day – these are some wonderful, thoughtful, creative kids.

    Anon is right – these kids are beginning to explore what it is to be an artist. They’re doing several different things in different media over the course of the summer, and the final art work will be really really cool.

  • This is a big ole mess.

  • There are better ways to enrich the artistic expression of youth than forcing the community to endure piles of trash taped to old call boxes. It is just self-indulgence masquerading as community enrichment.

  • emikael, you said it. I drove by that thing yesterday and it looked even uglier in real life. If they had made it multicolored…nah

  • this big mess is awesome. i love it.

  • I recently came across two fire boxes, circa 1950’s & perhaps older. They are the kind of fire boxes that were nailed or bolted to telephone poles back in the day, before the 911 emergency call system was invented & put into place. From what I have been told they were to be used by neighbors & homeowners in the event of an emergency & specifically bc of fires. They were in a storage closet stowed away…

    My dad was a fire fighter for a number of years and although I don’t know the details surrounding how they came into his possession, the only thing that makes sense is that they got to that storage closet bc my dad put them there. I would like to keep them and I would like to know how to clean them up properly without damaging them and under what conditions should they be stored. They are both made of cast iron and are in relatively good condition.

    I appreciate any advice & information from anyone.


  • saf

    Ruben – I don’t really want to post my email address in the clear for fear of spam harvesters. But, I might be able to help you with the fire box questions. So… take out the spaces, and drop me an email at m i d n i g h t c a r n i v a l AT g m a i l DOT c o m

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