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What do you think of the Beauregard located at 11th and V? Do you like the name? I kind of like how the window stick out on the left hand side of the photo. Thumbs up or down?

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  • There was some article (can’t remember the details) that came out months ago about construction problems with the property. Apparently the pipes were not fitted correctly (or something of that nature) and water was (is?) leaking in the walls. I went to an open house there one to see this for myself and the whole unit smelled of mildew.

  • The sunken entrance and landscape buffer put me in mind of a post I saw on a similar building. Turns out it’s right across the street from this, and specifically mentioned in the comments!

    This is a pretty building in absolute terms but not at all distinguishable from the office buildings to which its residents will commute, and so it seems a little cold too me, like it’s just another part of Gattaca or something. Also, at the street level, it’s fundamentally antisocial — the lack of entrances or space for retail make its sidewalks dead space for passersby.

  • Agree with Mark. Not wild about its overly sharp angles. But really, the thing is just so dark looking. Who thought it was a good idea to paint a building deep purple?

  • It’s attractive and easy on the eyes.. but a bit austere, which is a problem I have with most apartment complexes.

  • Not to knock PoP’s photo skills, (could also be the lighting of the day) but I think it is not sooo.. dark in person, and while not the most beautiful building in the city is not that bad looking and I would consider an improvement in the hood.

  • another “McLoft” ….yawn!!

  • Aside from the construction issues (shame on them for not crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s when building housing), I think the building has visual appeal without being tacky or overwhelming for that site. I think the angled walls are cool, they remind me of the IMF building.

  • I think that the building is kind of cool-looking from the outside. The photo doesn’t do the brick justice. It’s kind of shiny and can look different at different times of the day, or from different angles.

    However, I’ve seen the floor plans for this building, and was not impressed at all (pretty generic, not very interesting or well laid-out units…).

  • I usually love the contemporary stuff but something about this one rubs me the wrong way. Maybe its the purple brick?

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