McDonalds Coming to Mt. Pleasant Street?

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Thanks to a reader for sending in this rumor from the Mt. Pleasant Forum.

Although one commenter rightly notes that:
“I saw this same story about Starbucks moving into Irving and MtP that apparently had no basis in reality.

I am also aware that John Andrade who has a bar called Meridian Pint wanted to put in an independent beer/wine store in that location:

So, pretty much “expressed interest” and $2 will get you a cup of coffee in this town, what’s the truth? ”

And my favorite commenter said:

“This would be such good news! A McDonalds would contribute SO much to the community, we would never have to worry about it selling or serving alcohol, and it would never even THINK about providing entertainment of any kind, live or otherwise! This would be such a feather in our cap, our community leaders should be proud they’ve created an atmosphere on Mt. Pleasant St. that attracts the attention of such high-quality businesses! What Mt. Pleasant needs, no, what Mt. Pleasant DESERVES, is more least-common-denominator businesses like McDonalds that have no character, no soul, and that nobody will ever protest, argue about, or make a fuss over!”

But just out of curiosity do you think a McDonalds would do well on Mt. Pleasant Street?

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  • Please. GOD. Say it ain’t so. Is there anyway a neighborhood can ban these establishments? I heard about a town in california trying to do this. The streets will be littered with McTrash. Put it on 14th street not Mt Pleasent. Its just wrong in so many ways.

  • oh HELL no. no way. no how.

    i’d really like to a really great cafe, open at night, with wi-fi, good food, and most importantly GOOD COFFEE.

  • Im sure most will be angered only that it isnt a Panera Bread or a more high class franchise like that. But this goes beyond that. There should be some streets that get some sort of historic or arts zoning to prevent this sort of thing. U street and 18th manage to have it both ways with local indy owned businesses and crappy franchises but it would just be refreshing to have one street you could walk down with a character unlike any other. Im sure eventually CVS, Chipotle, Walgreens, Kinkos, Starbucks, and the rest will eventually turn Mount Pleasant into Anystreet USA but shit. Its nice to dream.

  • Please god, jesus, allah, visnu, santa claus etc. let this be true! I love the Big Mac every now and then! Yeah, there, I said it. 😀

  • I lived in Arcata , CA for a while and they enacted a ban on any franchise within city limits. This might be the town you are talking about Anon.

    I personally don’t see a need for McD’s in MtP when there are so many other quick, cheap, and better quality meals available in the area.

  • I have to laugh at the commenter in the original post who is thrilled at the idea because of the no-music issue (among other things). I hate to break it to whoever that person is, but if the franchisee is the same as the Adams Morgan McDonalds, welcome to 24-hours per day of music from outdoor speakers…sometimes cheesy 80s, sometimes Latin, sometimes who knows what…and guess what…because they don’t have a liquor license that you so fear, there really is no way to prevent/limit them from the music….enjoy!

  • Adams Morgan – I’m pretty sure they were being sarcastic. 🙂

    Anyhow, I am sure this is just a baseless, terrible, horrible rumor. A McDonalds would not fit with the mt. P neighborhood. Maybe in the new Columbia Heights area, but certainly not on Mt. Pleasant street.

  • I wouldnt be so sure Susan. The site has a lot of foot traffic that is well in their target demographic. With a parking lot to boot. Drive thru potential? If I lived in MTP I would be writing Jim Grahm and raising holy hell faster than you can say Mcflurry

  • Dont’ bother writing to CM Graham to complain about a chain store coming in…he is IN LOVE with any and every kind of national franchise/chain there is.

  • The MTP neighborhood commision should really get together and lobby some of the succesful DC businesses to open up shop on Mount Pleasant St. Maybe the owners of Amsterdam and M’Dawgs. The owner of The Diner, Tryst and Open City? The Garden District? Rocklands? Im sure a little lobbying could go a long way.

  • Um, it’s going to take a LOT more than lobbying to get a small, locally owned business to open up shop. Why do you think all the mom-and-pop coffe joints are folding? Chains and franchises are the only businesses that can afford the opening costs, tax costs, red tape, lawyers, labor, etc it takes to open a successful business. Those businesses you cited are on razor thin margins as it is. Until DC changes its confiscatory small business tax policies, look forward to a lot more chains.

  • Well if the owner of the Diner could open a place in Woodley Park where I am sure the rent is double. I think he could pull it off in Mount Pleasant. The Garden district also recently opened another store and The Eatwell group and Jimmy Leeds dont seem to have plans to stop expanding their brands either. Even Bens is getting in on the act. So whether DC makes it easy on them or not they continue to open new places. No reason Mount Pleasant can’t try and get in on it.

  • Yes, it would do well and No, I would not be happy about it.

  • Actually wasn’t it CM Graham who was recently quoted saying “This [Columbia Heights] was a neighborhood where we had tried to get McDonald’s, and they said they wouldn’t consider it. Today, we’d rather not have McDonald’s.”

    Of course, he is a politician…

  • Please the Grahamstander is trying to bring an IHOP to Adams Morgan…yes, we need a 24-hour pancake place like we need hole in the head….(and I’ve got nothing against IHOP but Adams Morgan does not need any more 24-hour places).

  • There are “24-hour places” in Adams Morgan?

  • Lordy – nothing ruins a block’s landscape more thoroughly than the red and yellow color scheme and the big M of mcdonald’s. Please tell me it’s really a Scottish bar with the same name.
    Oh yeah, mcdonald’s corp doesn’t really have a sense of humor about that sort of thing.


  • None of you seem to have noticed that this comment about the rumor about the McDonalds is from… 2004… I wouldn’t worry too much here…

  • Courtney,

    I wish it were from 2004 – this is all I see on my browser:

    “Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:20 am Post subject: McDonald’s in Mount Pleasant?”

    I think you are referring to the Starbucks rumor, which is indeed from 2004.

  • This is the reason a lot of folks won’t relocate or start up a business in Mt Pleasant:

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