Lucky Bastards

DSCN1585, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Ed. note: Bastards pronounced bah-stah-ds for full effect. If anyone has a roof deck on their rowhouse send me some proper photos please.

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  • I’ve thought about going this route a lot recently with a staircase and roof deck and am curious about 2 issues.
    First, would any of these nice people who have these sweet setups be willing to mention approximate costs for these projects, either the whole thing, or broken up between what the spiral staircase cost, and what the roof deck cost? I realize on the deck part you can have a lot of variation depending on what wood you use, or design etc. but what about for something pretty basic? Contractors?
    Thanks for any insight.

  • Is this the one at about 13th and Girard? It looks pretty sweet from the street.

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