Lawn Decoration of the Day

DSCN1234, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Damn, I love water features. This is also a really sweet yard with lots of cool paths. Check out some more photos after the jump.



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  • Wow! That is really nice. Just looking at it online cools me off a little.

  • Hard to believe they fit this all in a city yard. Impressive. Hmm, I think that there are some poach-worthy ideas here….

  • I ride by that trapezoidal property every day and didn’t know the extent of effort put into the landscaping. Next time I’ll slow down and enjoy the view. I’ve always liked that the house hasn’t been embiggened or popped up.

  • AP, could you shed some light on where this is?

  • Corner (very pointy corner) of Vermont and 11th

  • I have a view of this garden from my front window on 11th St. It is an interesting property. 11th St. is zoned both business and residential and a lot of the homes were storefronts or businesses at some point. The fountain is a new addition since last year – the birds love it. One time I saw a homeless dude washing his face in it.

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