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  • That’s an interesting exterior. My initial reaction is positive. Where is it?

  • That’s The Symera @ 1621 12th St. NW in Logan Circle. Went to the open house, very well done…


  • Quincy St Neighbor

    The Symera was designed by Petworth’s very own Brie Husted!!!


    btw, she put the DOM in DOMku!

  • It is actually two units, each two floors, and are quite beautiful inside.

    Nice roof deck, too, for upper unit–but I did not like the spiral staircase too it–too tight.

  • Another nice feature, which is not shown in the picture so much, is that it is set back a bit on Vermont–the grass in front of it juts out there, where the townhouse is, and does not on the rest of the block.

  • It’s ok. But compared to the moder row house two “modernd buildings – up or down?” listings down this is not in scale. Look at the windows. Not in scale compared to the neighbors. Overall height: same thing.

    Its not bad, but compared to the one I am referring to it looks much more out of place.

    Also, it is bordering the line where its attempt to “look a bit old, u know, sorta cool old hip” is at risk of getting tacky.

  • Americans are getting fatter… I guess they like the tall high ceilings to make them feel less fat

  • I walk by this house almost everyday. It’s my favorite one in the area. Wish I could live there especially if it had a big back yard.

  • Count me in as a big fan of this building. I don’t think it’s necessary for a new building to match its neighbors. I like the way this building is modern yet echoes historic elements, so it fits in without matching. I looked at the architect’s website — I’m impressed!

  • Count me as a big fan as well–the exterior is particularly well done. Very neat, plus I love that it has a roof deck.

  • I like it.

  • i have to admit that the renderings made me think WOW. then i saw the actual photos and i thought… LAME.. same awful kitchen combinations that get stuffed in all of these places 🙁

  • I like the building. Lots of nice details. But it fails because it looks completely out of place. Its scale compared to the neighboring buildings is just way off. unfortunate.

  • I like the bigger building, I think is respectful enough to the adjacent buildings but at the same time is not the same old boring recepee we keep on seeing eveywhere in DC. I wish whe could have gotten away with pushing it even more.

  • I like the building. I have been in one or both for the House tour during Christmas. They are both beautiful and well done.

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