Iraq Veterans Against The War DC Chapter Located in Petworth

DSCN0889I was walking down Princeton when I spotted the sign pictured above. I was pretty curious because I had seen a number of their fliers around town. You know the ones that say “You are not Alone” with a lone soldier staring at a makeshift memorial. I was staring at the sign and a gentleman came out and invited me to talk to some members inside. I was a bit hesitant at first but the folks could not possible have been nicer. They seemed like honest, thoughtful, caring people not fanatical zealots like I initially suspected. So the Iraq Veterans Against The War DC chapter has been located on Princeton Place since November of 2007. I learned that there are 40 members in the DC chapter and that they have no political affiliation (members are Democrats and Republicans). They stressed that they are not against all wars but do advocate the immediate withdrawal of all troops in Iraq. What I found most interesting was the support group that they host every Sunday. It is called Homefront Battle Buddies. They meet every Sunday, 3-5pm for “Today’s veterans coming together to heal the wounds of war because our obligations to our brothers and sisters in arms and to our values do not end when we are out of uniform.” I also like the fact that they provide legal advice for those who are having difficulty getting their VA benefits.We don’t get too political over here at PoP but I thought it was noteworthy that the DC Chapter was located in Petworth.

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  • Princeton Place is Columbia Heights, not Petworth. Petworth starts at Rock Creek Church Road. I’m just sayin’

  • PoP, PoP, can you fix the typos please? I know it’s a petty thing, but I find them terribly distracting and that makes it hard to read the very good content.

    (First, it’s not Iraqi veterans, it’s Iraq veterans. They are US soldiers, not Iraqis! Second, the apostrophe in “Veteran’s” is unnecessary.)

  • I live on Princeton Place, and I’ve always felt like an outcast… I’ve always understood Columbia Heights to end at Sherman on the west side. Princeton Place is past that. I think it is part of Park View? Who knows for sure?

  • Melanie, I’m with you. I think Park View is correct, but I like to pretend it’s Petworth, because what does Park View have to offer?

  • The deed to my house says “Columbia Heights”, Park View is the subdivision, just like Pleasant Plains is a subdivision of Columbia Heights. Originally,the Col Hghts metro station was going to be at Irving and Georgia ave. They were going to call that one South Col Heights station, and the one at New Hampshire North Col Heights. When the changed it over to 14th they also changed the names of the stations. I think Georgia Avneue/Petworth should be calle North Col Heights/Petworth. Right now it sounds like the station is in the center of Petworth, but it is at the southern most end and if it was across the street it would be Col Heights.

  • Regardless of what you’d call that neighborhood, it is good to have this organization set up to support the needs or returning troops, and an honor to have them choose our area/region/neighborhood.

    Any word on why/how they picked this location?

  • Wow, saf, someone besides me asking for spelling, grammar, usage and so-called typo corrections. I thought I was the only one out there who got distracted by such errors. But we still enjoy this blog, with the errors few and far between.

  • Teacher – the errors are few and far between, and I should point out to PoP I really appreciate that fact. It makes my eyeballs bleed to read a lot of web content, because I am just that uptight. A well-written piece is a joy.

  • it’s definitely in Park View. that being said, cool to see the place exists!

  • “They stressed that they are not against all wars but do advocate the immediate withdrawal of all troops in Iraq.”

    Funny that they didn’t mention that they are against the war in Afghanistan too.

    Perhaps they’ll get to that LATER…

  • They stressed that they are not against all wars but do advocate the immediate withdrawal of all troops in Iraq.

    Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan

    Your donation will help us bring Winter Soldier to a wider audience! Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan featured testimony from U.S. veterans who served in those occupations, giving an accurate account of what is really happening day in and day out, on the ground.

    This four-day event brought together veterans from across the country to testify about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan –

  • Wow, we can’t have a blog post about us in our own neighborhood without our stalkers finding it! Raoul Deming and Skye are the troop haters that troll the internet for material about us looking for an excuse to talk trash.

    As an organization, we call for three things and three things only:
    1 Withdrawal of all occupying forces from Iraq
    2 Full benefits for returning vets
    3 Reparations for Iraqis

    If only Raoul and Skye weren’t pretending that they don’t know how to read in order to have a reason to criticize us. You can get more info about our organization at, including video footage from Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan, Eyewitness Accounts of the Occupations. We want to empower all GWOT (Global War Of Terror) veterans to speak out about their experiences, and we wanted to portray the nature of occupation to the American people with this event.

    It has been a great pleasure living in the Petworth neighborhood, and the support of our neighbors has been wonderful. I just hope we get renew our lease for another year!

  • Listening to the Winter Soldier testimonies were one of the most moving experiences I have had in a while. In addition to being moving, experiencing Winter Soldier reminds one of the limited scope of reporting about the war. There are millions of truths about how we got to Iraq and what we have done since the occupation, and the courageous testifiers are providing a voice to some of the stories that are ignored (and rejected) by our major media outlets.

    I encourage everyone to check it out and a belated welcome to Petworth, Adam. Hope your lease works out.

    And Happy Independence Day to all.

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