In Lieu of Rentals of the Week a Bonus Good Deal or Not?


The rentals are a bit tardy this week so I thought I’d put up an interesting good deal or not house. By the by, how often would you like to see the good deal or not feature? As it is once a week, twice a week, three times a week or daily?

Back to the matter at hand. This house may be familiar to some because it has the crazy rock garden and tschotkes. The flier says 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths and 2 half baths. It is located at 3400 Holmead Place around the corner from the Tivoli. Another funny thing about the flier is that it has stapled to it an ad for the Allegro being built at Newton and 14th and an ad for the Kenyon Square Condos. The price has dropped from $890,000 to $829,000. So good deal or not? Rock garden after the jump.


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  • Insane. Incompetent realtor, overpriced, no effort to improve look of property or look at comps before putting it on the market.

  • they originally started it at $949k I believe.

  • I would love to see the Good deal or not more often. We might be looking to buy in the next 6 months and I really appreciate the comments about the price of the houses. Since, we are new to the area it is a little difficult to judge….. what is a good deal.

    Although, we will be looking more in the $300,000 or less range so fixer uppers are more are style but I do enjoy seeing the fantasy houses, too.

  • It looks big though: seems to have a basemen AND a “real” fourth floor. But to me big problem is that it has virtually no yard space. I can’t recall whether there is parking at the back.. I think there is. Any link to interior pics?

    I would love to see these good deal or nots at least weekly, and would certainly devour as many as you can churn out.

  • I pass this way on Holmead frequently. For that kind of money I would want a neighborhood classic, i.e. three stories plus a basement in the traditional style; something that really relates to the houses around it. There are some really beautiful examples of what I mean just across the street and maybe up a half block.

    With this one, … well. There’s are some aesthetic challenges there, and I’m not talking abou the garden.

  • And there’s are some syntactic challenges in my post, so nobody’s perfect. Good Deal or Not? works for me every day of the week.

  • Love the good deal or not segments. Wouldnt mind seeing them more often. Take care not to let this turn into a real estate website though. Of course, the real estate is critical to full coverage of the neighborhoods, so yes I will eat my cake, thank you.


    The place looks huge. Dont forget the incredible value of it being an end unit – just look at all the light that those many windows add. The location is pretty hard to beat for the price these days. Judging from the recent posted June sales in the area, these big places are still selling strong in the area – some for more than asking price.

    Unless the inside is crap I bet this place sells just fine. Perhaps 900 was too much, but 800s is getting closer.

  • HA. I didn’t even realize that this was the house on the corner of my street until someone mentioned Holmead. I guiess I’ve never looked up at the roof on this house. But 820 is still way to high for this house, although the location is pretty stellar as far as ease of amenities go.

  • no way no how. You can get a nice rowhome in woodley park/ Cleveland Park/Adams Morgan/Mount Pleasant for that. I have looked at a ton of houses in that area and that will not sell at that price. Maybe 75 lower. I would have to see the inside but I am not expecting much given the tacky yard, roof, and vinyl sided porch addition there. But who knows maybe its really nice inside and the people living there keep the ugly curb appeal to repel would be burglars.

  • I think “Good Deal or Not” is a lot of fun and should run at least a couple of times a week.

  • Bad deal. Bad fountain. And a somewhat bad location. It’s close to all the CH 14th St. amenities, sure, but a little too close in my book.

    Also, bad idea to have “Good Deal or Not” more than once a week. Keep it fresh by keeping it rare.

  • I like Good Deal or Not and would love to see it multiple times a week! As for this property the entrance needs work, not that it is in bad shape, it just doesn’t match.

  • What if we did “Good Deal or Not?: Rental Edition”? I realize there is more variance in for-sale prices and more interesting discussion to be had about the housing bubble, but sometimes there are for-rent properties that go for (or are at least advertised for) surprising figures.

  • Also, am I the only one who keeps wanting to type/say “Deal or No Deal” instead?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    That’s a great idea. I’ll do a mix of Good deal or not house/condo and rental edition. I’ll shoot for minimum three a week. So if there are folks who see good ones be sure to email me! I’d also like to have a pretty good mix of Petworth, Columbia Heights, U Street, Mt. Pleasant etc.

  • Not a good deal, Not only is there no yard space and what there is, is covered with a weird fountain, but sometimes as I pass by at night I can see inside and the inside looks just as cluttered as the out. Plus, for that price and no real parking place, i mean you could try to squeeze on back, but only if you had a subcompact car would it really work.

  • I’d say the price is getting closer to a good deal. I think the realtor might be the owner or relative to the owner. I used to think that the yard was insane, but have since noticed the owner out there regularly working on the plants, watering etc. It’s a labor of love. It’s totally not my style, but that’s okay- I don’t have to like everything. I wish them the best. It is a big house, and a good location, but they’re trying to sell it as move-in ready, and I think most buyers will want to do make some substantial changes (the entrance for one). I think this is a classic example of how “neutralizing” your home when it’s on the market is the way to go- even if you think it is boring, bland or vanilla.

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