I’m Pretty Sure I’m Not Going to Use This ATM

DSCN1539, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Maybe in the day it’s ok. But this is outside a gas station on the corner of Georgia and Park. I feel like this is a mugging just waiting to happen.

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  • It looks like one of those dateline special ATMS….

  • Especially when there is a B of A with an armed guard a block away.

  • yeah ATM+Gas Station=even more people asking you for money. I love when you say “sorry I don’t have any cash” and they respond with “there is an ATM inside”


  • Bets on how long before it is stolen?

  • I live about two blocks south and I’ve seen plenty of people using it.

  • I use that gas station most of the time, but it is very sketch

  • It’s been there for at least three years. Not sure of any issues.

    I’ve never used it because …well it’s on the corner of Ga. Ave. at a gas station a block away from Park-Morton. But, that’s just me.

  • used it last night – no issues!

  • I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to ask for money within 20′ [maybe 50′] of an ATM machine. It’s a charge of ‘aggressive panhandling’ and it’s an arrestable offense, but as with so many dc laws, it’s seldom ever enforced.

  • whatcha talkin about?! thats my fav ATM in dc!

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