I’m Noticing Lots of Folks Growing Corn

DSCN1105, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

And they seem to be doing it damn successfully. Dang, I can’t even grow a tomato. Much respect. So if you are like me and can’t grow it you can some wicked fresh corn at the U Street Farmer’s market at 14th and U.


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  • Do any of the stalks of corn you see actually have ears of corn on them? I’ve been told that if you plant less than 20 stalks in rows you won’t get the much needed cross polination so I’m really curious if any of these you see (which don’t look like 20 stalks) have ears of corn?

  • People who want to grow corn in their front yards need to move to Poolesville

  • i think its cool to see vegetation taking over the landscape, sort of like an ‘i am legend’ scene…kudos to you urban farmers!

    people who want to comment on petworth blogs about petworth happenings need to be (proud) residents of petworth

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’d say about 60%-70% of coverage on PoP takes place outside of Petworth so you can be proud of those neighborhoods as well…

  • oh pop… semantics/logistics aside, yall get my drift 🙂

  • people like leaving dc should just quit bitching and hurry up and do what your name says. more room for us to plant corn in our city then. have fun in exurbs.

  • Don’t forget the market in Adams Morgan! (or Mt. P for that matter). Lots of corn right now and as of last week, peaches! Gloriously perfect, sweet peaches! Still some tomatoes and cherries too. Get them while you can!! This is prime famers market season!

  • Perhaps corn is burgeoning in popularity as a backyard crop because ethanol production is pushing prices up? Just speculation — perhaps someone could verify

  • well, at $.50 an ear, i wouldnt call it cheap, but i doubt i would be motivated to start planting my own until it was about $2.00… where im from, you can buy corn off the back of farm pick ups parked along side the road, 5/$1… berries, tomatoes, squash for cheap too

    now im hungry 🙁

  • Yeah, corn (for eating) is still cheap. Its not the same kind of corn used to make ethanol. Which is also cheap. (which is why corn is in everything these days).

    My guess is that as home-grown food and urban gardening are becoming more popular, people who are growing corn are also growing some other stuff, you just notice the corn more because of its height.

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