I’m Not The Only One Infatuated With Tree Stumps


So apparently is Pottery Barn. Only they call them “Rustic Wood Accents”. Check out the photo from the catalog in the upper right corner. Those look strikingly like tree stumps to me, yeah? The catalog says: “The rustic lines of our reclaimed-wood accents are hewn from the trunks of Argentinian cypress trees that have died of natural causes. They’ve been smoothed with a natural water-based finish to bring out their inherent raw character.” And they only cost $199 for short ones (18″) or $249 for tall ones (24″).

“…died of natural causes…” that is too good. J.Peterman would be proud.

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  • $199? $249? I have one you can have for free at the end of my parking area near the alley. I’ve been trying to get rid of it for months now.

  • I can’t remember if you already posted it or not, but there is a yard I believe around Grant Circle that has a large yard that has a circle of stumps surrounding I believe one live tree.

  • i have seen those sold (or at least something like them) at millennium on U and 16th ( http://www.millenniumdecorativearts.com ). they had different designs, some were carved and some were just stumps. the cool ones had roots still. all reclaimed from thailand? or korea? where they had cleared forests many many years ago… i think good wood had them too

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