I’m Going To Be Honest, These Signs Kind of Freak Me Out

DSCN1571, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Right? It looks like someone is getting abducted from behind. That certainly doesn’t indicate a safe place to me. Right? My safe place sign would have a picture of Elle Macpherson, a few meximelts from Taco Bell, some Dunkin Donuts coffee and maybe a couple of bottles of Budweiser. Then I’d know it was a safe place for sure.

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  • It kind of reminds me of that Rolling Stone cover Janet jackson did way back with someone’s hands over her breasts.

  • It looks to me like a Botero graphic.

  • Your safe place sounds like the cause of a heart attack.

  • it should be mentioned that the Safe Place program is an awesome program organized by a bunch of hardworking people who volunteer their time to help out children and others who are the victims of abuse, rape etc.

  • i’ve thought that myself, that the logo “looks like someone is getting [xxxx]ed from behind”!

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