I’m Continuing My Quest To Find The Worst Condo Name


This one made me laugh. Although, it made me think of a commercial that used to play all the time up in New York. Anyone remember the commercials for the “beautiful Mount Airy Lodge”?

But c’mon Airy View, that’s terrible, right? Have any other terrible names popped up?

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  • i used to live near the beautiful mount airy lodge (in the poconos). i was born up there and lived there on and off until i was 12. didn’t realize it was advertised in NYC, but i guess it makes sense. BTW, it closed a few years ago, and has now been turned into a casino.

  • they played the commercial ALL the time in NJ too!

    Now’s the perfect time
    The season is just right
    You can play all day and dance into the night
    All you have to bring
    Is your love of everyt-thiiing

  • Ahh, that sucks that the Lodge closed. I used to hate that commercial with a fiery passion since it would get stuck in my head afterwards… That, and the Milford Plaza lullaby of Broadway ones. I also got strange looks from friends here in DC when a few years ago I was laughing uproariously at the fact that Dominos (or was it Pizza Hut) was advertising their Taste of Italy pizzas using Mario “Mr. Italy” Perillo.

  • Heh. Those commercials were teh awesums:


  • We got that commercial on Long Island too.

  • makes me think of the DeVry Institute. and GetSmart reruns.

  • Airy View? That sounds like it should be the name of a falling-down house in Gasoline Alley.

  • The only defense of that building is that it’s old, really old. And one might wonder what the view was back in the day before they built the houses/buildings on the other side of the street from it…

  • what about NoMa NoMa Yay, NoMa NoMa NoMa Yay?

    oh wait, that’s a song. sorry!

  • Someone should add an “H” to that. How funny would the “Hairy View” be? Now where did I put that can of spray paint?

  • Wow PoP, you’ve been wandering fairly far west for you of late.

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