If You Live in Shaw Azi’s Cafe is Pretty Sweet


My walks are taking me further and further around town these days. After nearly passing out a few times on Saturday I found some solace in Azi’s Cafe located at 9th and O in Shaw. Apparently it’s been open since 2005 and as a good coffee shop should be there is free wifi and good music playing. The chairs aren’t quite as comfortable as Columbia Heights Coffee but their regular coffee is made with Illy coffee and you don’t really get better than that. A latte costs $2.85 and a regular coffee is $1.60. They also have a nice outdoor area. Has anyone checked them out before?


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  • Used to live right by there and we went to Azi’s alot. The espresso drinks are great…only problems are bad hours (close quite early-7pm..and the service is a bit slow and sometimes clumsy).

  • I’m a fan of Azi’s… I stop by there after church sometimes for a latte and a muffin or croissant. It’s a nice place to sit and read the paper. And the service has always been very friendly and helpful in my experience. I do wish it was open after 7pm in the evenings.

  • They have great paninis. I love azi’s. Glad you profiled them.

  • Although I don’t get there as often as I would like, I highly recommend it. The owner used to work at the Ritz Carlton.

  • Azi’s is great. I have been going there since they opened. Azi runs the best coffee shop in the area! Friendly folks, great coffee, and reasonable prices. I think they still don’t charge extra for soy milk either. The sometimes clumsy staff just adds to the charm of the place.

  • yea the breakfast panini is pretty good

  • I think Azi’s is great–really nice staff, and they let me sit there and write my dissertation while sun comes in the window. And the 7 pm closing time means I am forced to go out and have a life–so that’s not so bad, either.

  • @Tamara – Ditto…the paninis are crucial.

    Breakwells, Azi’s, and Cozy Cafe Corner are the same distance from my apt, but I always wind up at Azi’s for the good food and atmosphere.

  • I got some rude lady at Breakwell’s who acted like I was bothering her – will not go there again, which is a bummer because I like to frequent places in the neighborhood. Love Azi’s for the breakfast sandwiches. My fave coffee shops in DC are Java House, Mudd Hut, and yes, a chain – Caribou. However, the best coffee is made at my house with Costco Home Roast and a french press. Costco has really good coffee and they roast the beans in house.

  • I love Azi’s! I used to live around the corner and haven’t been in a while. Great coffee, great panini’s and good soup too! (it’s too hot for soup now, but trust me, when it cools down, you’ll want to try their soups). I believe the owner, Azeb, used to work at the Ritz. She’s very nice.

  • Yes, the owner is very nice and always remembers my usual order. Love that!

  • Asi’s is bright friendgly spot with very nice staff- however, the coffee is only fine. Not to be a snob, but just to save other former PAC NWers from yet again hearing about a new coffee shop, getting excited, treking all over town, only to once again face dissapointment at a standard dc americano.

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