I Forgot To Post One of My Favorites From the Parade

DSCN0796, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Ah, the age old tradition of pouring beer into a water bottle…

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  • same color as the tap water, so it woulda fooled me.

  • Whenever I pick up a water bottle like this (I often find them discarded on the sidewalk in a not-quite-empty state), I can’t help but wonder if it’s urine.

  • I think the same thing aj and you know what, I think it probably is!

  • @aj: Ah, the trucker bombs. Gotta love ’em.

  • the woman in the teal shirt was not happy about something

  • Here is a bet that this fool didn’t take the same time to throw the bottle in a trash can as he did to pour the beer into the bottle.

  • And I probably picked up both from our yard…

  • aj – I was wondering the same thing as I walked to work this morning and saw two beer or urine filled water bottles on the street. One fact favoring beer over urine is that it is even easier to pee on a building than to get it into a bottle (and convenience seems to be an important factor for the litterati).

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