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  • Is it bad that I think that’s my building?

  • We have the same thing on front of our house (we’re in the basement and have no “power” over it),

  • If it were locked, in the event of a fire or electrical accident, emergency personnel would be unable to shut off the power. BTW, those black plastic things to the left of the switch all have little breakers for each apt. that can also be easily snapped off. When I lived at the Gangplank, feuds over too-loud parties or wimmin often precipitated a back-and-forth turning off of power to each other’s boats.

  • We have an even more inviting one with a bright red bulbous handle just begging to be “handled”. Last year, someone did pull it leaving us in the dark for hours. Most of us were hesitant to pull it back because we weren’t too sure about power surge and such… It’s amazing it’s only happened once.

  • E-girl – you can always turn it back on without fear – BUT – turn off big suckers like the AC first, then flip handle, then turn on the AC.

  • AngryParakeet – locks aren’t really an issue for emergency personnel. We ‘pop’ padlocks, security doors, etc without much effort & on a regular basis. If you want to ensure it can be easily accessed, yet away from pranksters paws you can always just place a large plastic ‘zip tie’ through the locking hole [sold at most hardware stores].

  • Our building has a big ol’ lever in front too, and it has been pulled several times. PEPCO refused to do anything about it. It boggles my mind.

  • > PEPCO refused to do anything about it.

    It’s probably customer owned, rather than owned by PEPCO.

  • Years ago… Halloween… at a house in the neighborhood I grew up in… TN Hometown… we pulled the lever down on the meter box as a trick… The owners then put a padlock on the box.

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