I Choose To Believe There is Beer in those Bottles

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But it reminds me of a funny story. My father is a very proud New Yorker. So one day he sees a cab driver pull over to the curb and throw out a bottle of questionable content. So my dad bombs over to the guy and says “this is New York City! We don’t do that in New York City!”. And the guy apologizes and throws out the bottle in a garbage can. There have been so many times when I’ve wanted to bomb over to cars or people who are littering and say – this is Washington, DC! We don’t do that in Washington, DC!

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  • A few months ago I witnessed two guys chillin in their car on Park, tossing beer cans out their door. I rapped on their window and asked them not to litter on my street, and they proceeded to yell obscenities at me and throw their beer cans AT me.

  • Unfortunately what we do do in Washington DC is shoot people for getting in our sh*t. Park Rd Chick – you’re lucky you just had beer cans thrown at you. A friend had a big-ass handgun pointed at him for telling a dude he shouldn’t park in front of a fire hydrant. Pick your battles.

  • one of these days, i’m going to snap and have a “Falling Down” moment…then these tough asses will get a taste of their own medicine…all i need is a short-sleeve white button down, a flat top and a bat!

  • I can live with the crime, but I HATE the littering. Defies comprehension.

  • The littering is aggravating, but it is a symptom. People that litter don’t have respect for their neighborhood or themselves. This is my biggest disappointment in Columbia Heights, where I live. The overwhelming lack of respect for the self and neighborhood.

  • We’re lucky on my street, the wee tots are all pretty darn good about not trashing the street, and once you’ve learned at a young age not to litter it sort of sticks with you. In Texas when I was a lad they had serious litter issues and they adopted the “Don’t Mess With Texas” program, they showed us filmstrips with Willie Nelson picking up trash on the side of the highway (he might have been on probation, I dunno), and we were constantly bombarded with the message and it actually made a difference. You’d be hard pressed to find a Texan between the ages of 30 and 45 who could be forced to litter or doesn’t remember that slogan better than the pledge of allegiance.

  • I always carry around a couple of tissues with me, so that when I see trash of a questionable nature, like the urine bottles in the photo, I can use a tissue to pick them up without actually touching them. The trick is holding it far enough away from the body so that any drippage just falls to the ground instead of on your shoes…

  • I wear gloves when I pick up the yard. Made a drunk get really angry when he left his black plastic bag in the yard and went to pee in the alley. When I poured out the contents and threw it away, I just didn’t know he planned to come back and pick up his, uh, trash. Luckily he was incoherent, so I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He was probably one of our neighborhood colleagues, but I think most of the cars throwing trash around our yard don’t carry DC plates.

  • Always look carefully at the trash – I have seen needles mixed in. The folks who litter just suck.

  • I live on a corner with a 4-way stop and cars pull up to the stop sign, roll down their windows and do one of two things, toss their garbage onto the grass in the tree box or they try to toss it into the catch basin inlet along the curb. Luckily most have bad aim and don’t get it down the inlet. I buy the heavy duty nitrile gloves to pick up the garbage in my yard and tree boxes. I have even had medical waste (bloody bandages) in my yard before! I hate litter, I absolutely hate it!

  • I was on the metro the other week when a kid around 15 or 16 was eating 3 packs of bubble gum (not chewing – it was one piece in the mouth after another and I think he was swallowing it). When he started to shove the trash into the seat cushions, I said “You’re going to throw that away properly, aren’t you.” I surprised myself for saying it – its the sort of thing that can get you shot. He meekly pulled the trash out of the cushions though and put it in his pocket.

    Sad thing is, I’m sure he stuffed it right back in once I got off the train. I just don’t get litter – but its a bigger “I’m the only important thing in the world” opinion that leads to disrespect in so many ways.

  • I can’t remember exactly, I think it is Switzerland, but they have very strict littering laws with huge fines as well as public humiliation. I think gum is even outlawed because they were tired of finding it stuck all over everything. If you don’t wash your hands after you go to the bathroom you get a fine and your face could be printed in the paper with all the other non hand washing offenders! Crazy!

    I propose that instead of a fine for littering, how about manditory community service hours spent picking up trash while wearing some brightly colored outfit that lets everyone know what and why you are doing it?

  • I feel the most important aspect of this post has been neglected: EEEEWWWWW, is that peeeee peeeeee in those bottles?

  • My proposed punishment for littering is mandetory enlistment in the US Marine Corps. I think a 2 year hitch in the Marines, if they survive, will help reeducate them on the meaning of civic duty.

  • I’m not sure about the Swiss laws, but that is certainly the case in Singapore.

  • I think it is Singapore. Though the swiss may be tough on litter, the Singapore government will flog you for certain litter-like infractions.


  • Don’t the cane folks in Singapore? I recall the child of a diplomat being sentenced to caning a few years back for graffitti. Perhaps we could start caning folks who litter?

  • Maybe it was Singapore, but I think I was wrong when I said the part about not washing hands…I think it is actually for not flushing the toilets that you get the fine and public humiliation via newspaper. Something like that.

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