How Old Are You?

Well yesterday’s poll of where we are from was super successful. I’m psyched that over 500 people responded.  Although, I regret leaving Park View out of the choices that was a mistake. So I’m quite curious about this question and I’m sure you are too. How old are you?

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  • Great. Not only did you leave any locations in VA and MD out of yesterday’s poll, now you’ve got me lumped in with all the “Older” people. Although from the votes so far, it appears that I’m a vocal minority of 1.

  • you just cant win, just cant win 🙁

    im loving the polls though! kudos!

  • This is one contest I don’t want to win 🙁

  • Yay! This is great. I have been interested to see where the majority of people fall in age. I am not surprised that 21-35 is the majority but it is very neat to see there are a bunch of people younger and older than that, mostly older too, that frequent the site. The Where do You Live poll was really interesting too.

    Kudos PoP, it just gets better and better!

  • Need more demographic information to sell the ad space, do we? I kid.

  • Okay, now I am feeling old. Which one of you youngsters wants to mow my yard? PoP, I love the idea of cross-tabulations to show how broad and diverse the audience is.

  • I’m totally surprised at how many people are responding…almost 300 so far! I’ve been wondering how many people read this blog. Love the polls, keep on doing them!

  • I’ll answer your poll with those teeny buttons in a minute.

    But for the full demographic breakdown (1300blk, i was gonna razz PoP about ad sales too), IntangibleArts turns 40 next month and fully endorses Apple computers, Canon camera bodies and lenses, Huy Fong sriracha sauce, and Korg synths, and locally endorses SOM records, Logan Hardware, Rita’s WI Carryout on Georgia Ave., Modern Liquors on 9th Street by the convention center, and, uh, jeezus, is everyone really that young on these interwebs nowadays? Yeek.

  • Dang, my age isn’t even listed; it’s just referred to as “older” on the poll. Some of y’all, the real young ones, are my children’s ages. But still, we all have the similar interest of Petworth, Columbia Heights and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Is race next, or is that not polictically correct? I’d say political affiliation, but no way are there are any Bush fans in CH / Petworth …

  • Looking at his poll #s, there are no Bush fans anywhere.

  • Is this a rhetorical question? Can I answer how old I feel today?

  • Vonstallin

    damn, just over the peak 🙁

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