Holy Cow: City Paper Has the Scoop on 14th and T Development

Basically they report that Yoga and a dance studio will go on third floor, dinner commedy theater on second floor, and perhaps coolest, a Diner/Tryst combo spot on the first floor. Read the full story here. Sounds awesome! How sweet will Diner/Tryst combo be? I suspect it will get very, very crowded. Sound good to you guys?

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  • Sounds good. Wish it was a few blocks to the North.

  • Comedy dinner theater? eh. Other stuff – awesome. Though I guess Boundless Yoga will be moving from their spot on U between 15 and 16? Wouldn’t really make sense to have the two outposts of the studio two blocks away from each other.

  • I may finally get my dream of a coffee shop in the U Street corridor/logan with good coffee that is open past 7 or 8pm!!

  • Comedy dinner theater? What does that mean? A dinner theater that only features comedies (“Neil Simon’s ‘Odd Couple’ this week only!!!”) or is it a comedy club that serves dinner? Regardless as a neighbor I am concerned that it sounds like something that would attract traffic and cars or even worst, tourists to the area. I like the idea of a diner though. I am an early riser on the weekends and there are no places close to get bacon and eggs.

  • Open City was supposed to be a diner-tryst combo but in the end i guess he realized he could make more money jamming as many tables as possible into the place. same thing could happen here.

  • Herb: Florida Avenue Grill is pretty close and a good place for bacon, eggs, and other greasy-spoon fare.

  • Sounds great! The location is perfect.. not sure I’ll ever go to the comedy dinner theater but i hope it does well too. expect i’ll be at the diner/tryst combo quite often.

  • Thanks KJ but I get up on the weekends around 6:00 am. I am turning into my father. I don’t think the Florida Avenue grill opens until around 8:00 am if I recall.

    But yes, I do agree that the Florida Avenue grill is a great greasy spoon! Great biscuits and gravy!!!!

  • Herb – while I agree with the general yuckiness of the phrase “comedy dinner theater” I think the U street bars/restaurants, St Ex, Black Cat, etc already draw in plenty of cars and people (don’t you hate it when you go to what you think is a “neighborhood” bar but everyone you talk to has driven in from Maryland/Virginia?) that this isn’t going to significantly add to the traffic. But ugh, you’re right, it could draw tourists, I moved to this neighborhood thinking I wouldn’t have to deal with them, but now I see them in droves outside of Ben’s, last thing we need is another tourist attraction….

  • Herb: Guess you weren’t kidding about the early rising… but maybe you should just get up earlier, they stay open until at least 4 am and maybe even 5 on the weekends… and I agree with U street girl, there are already a lot of attractions nearby drawing traffic but tourist, ugh.

  • Tourist haters- you do realize that you live in our Nation’s Capital, right? The same one you probably visited with your scout troop when you were 12? Or perhaps the same one that you grew up in and have many reasons to be proud of?

    Call me crazy, but I kind of like tourists. Their awe and amazement remind me why this city is so wonderful. (okay, and I probably get an ego boost from their “You live in DeeeCeeee, so you must be an important person” attitudes)

  • Yikes! I’m breaking my rule and posting more than twice on the same comment thread because I don’t want to leave the impression I am anti tourist. I am anti bad tourist.

    Good tourists walk, Metro or cab into the neighborhood to walk the various Heritage trails or to see how “real” DC residents live. They shop at the unique stores on 14th St and eat at Ben’s or get really adventurous and try Ethiopian food.

    They do not litter or ask for directions to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

    Bad tourists drive their big honking SUV into the neighborhood to see Kaye Ballard and Estelle Getty in “Nunsense” at the 14th St Comedy Dinner Theater. Crushed to discover there is no TGI Friday’s or Appleby’s on U St, they buy their food at McDonalds, leaving a trail of litter as they make their way back to their SUV to drive to the Gap in Georgetown.

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