Hmm, Nice New(ish) Construction?

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What do you think of the brick on the first floor and vinyl(?) up top? Looks like they may have also been able to fit more windows in up top too, yeah?

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  • My question: are they affordable housing, built as a requirement for some way expensive development putting in some lower cost housing? Are they priced to keep teachers and policemen to live in the city?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    That’s a good question. How would one find that out?

  • They look like CRAP!

    Just like the new places on Webster

  • Townhomes that look like that are one of my top 10 reasons for not be willing to live in the burbs. Let’s hope this isn’t a growing trend inside our city limits.

  • Those places were built in the mid-80’s. They are pretty much half of a house with the other side being someone else’s front door that faces a large common parking lot. This owner might be stretching it a little bit though (his price is 575!)… I think they normally sell in the mid 400s. I went to an open house once and for those prices they are HUGE – like 3 beds, 2 1/2 baths – seems like 1500 sqft or so. But I agree – vinyl siding equals yuck. That’s gotta go.

  • Prince, I hope “Nice” in the headline was a failed attempt at irony..otherwise, please, please, please, never go into any field involving design.

  • I don’t think they would survive a hurricane. But if the neighborhood changes for the better, the prices for things like this go up

  • Looks like a suburban townhouse development you would find in manassass. barf

  • nasty — outlaw vinyl, …please.

  • Just plain fugly.

  • Pop,

    I get this disgusted look on my face every time I pass these homes. I have been waiting a long time for you to put them up for criticism.

  • ditto to all of the above. someone make it stop.

  • it’s like school during xmas vacation: NO CLASS

  • That was the only kind of “new” construction that would come to Columbia Heights in the 80’s. They were originally supposed to be all vinyl like the ones on Sherman Avenue, but the neighborhood complained and the “builder” added brick fronts.

    I remember the day they arrived– they are modular housing. That is, they came on a truck and were loaded off and “planted” onto the foundation.

    No, they weren’t part of any affordable housing plan. They’ve always been market rate housing, and a lot of the people who bought ’em were excited to get ’em.

    Chacun son gout . . .

  • Actually only the first 4 built of 24 were modular. #s 1119-1121 Front and Rear. It was a huge failure and they stick built the rest to match. I was an original owner of a phase three unit. Had ORANGE carpet – wonder if it still does? They really were a good alternative for my family – we wanted new but didn’t want to move to the suburbs away from our family. Those living in DC back then can understand why we were happy anything new was being built. Times have changed for the better.

  • Are they priced to keep teachers and policemen living in our neighborhood? Lower priced for who you consider blue collar? No, they may be lower priced to keep editors, social workers, adjunct professors, non-profit employees and others making less than $100,000 in the neighborhood, but they’re too ugly. The teachers I know are too classy to live in such depressing looking dumps. I really believe that comments like that subconsciously keep people out of the teaching field.

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