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I’ve passed this park a number of times located at 10th and French streets. For some reason there has always been a chain link fence around it. Does anyone know what the story is with this space. Seem like it could be a pretty cool little park.  Although I’m not sure what’s up with that pyramid type structure in the middle.  Anyone?

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  • Someone should find out who owns this…it could be a dog park

  • a dog park? really? you people crack me up. No wonder the kids east of 16th are so violent. People would rather set up a dog park than a playground. that would make any kid angry.

  • yeah, i agree… every piece of standing grass in dc that isnt privately owned doesnt need to be covered in dog shit… cant we have some green space to hang out in for human pleasure?

  • while i have nothing against dog parks or dogs, i find that dog owners are obsessed with getting space for them. this would be a cool park for people to hang out in. dog parks should be reserved for areas that arent ideal for people parks (the space at 11th & park is a good example of an ideal dog park space). this on the other hand looks like a more interesting place that doesn’t need to be covered in dog shit.

  • You can’t hang out in this area in the summer anyways…too many mosquitos.

    As a non child owner, but a dog owner, yay dog parks!

  • Plans have been drawn up (DC Govt owns land) for this spot and the last I heard (although that was a few months ago) is that they would start work in the Fall. The removal of the concrete is the largest issue so as not to damage nearby structures. I presume this has been worked out if they are moving forward with the plans. Would be a park with lost of trees/plants, some pathways, benches, etc. Not a playground and definitely not a dog park – not needed and not wanted in this space. I believe it will be fenced in like Westminster park.

  • It is where the ancient Aztec of the Potomac practiced human sacrifice.

  • welcome homeless?

  • God, people are obsessed with the idea that dog owners are trying to take over green space. There are barely any dog parks in this city people! I don’t begrudge you your kiddie parks. It’s just really hard to find a fully fenced in area. And I don’t leave my dog’s crap lying around, for goodness sake.

  • to dog owners in general: when you moved into the city (presumably with your pooch) you did look around and realize that there weren’t a lot of places for your precious to run around off-leash, right? because all the people who are whining about not having dog parks are kind of driving me crazy.

    i believe the city should have dog parks, yes, but hell, you knew there weren’t any when you got here, so don’t be surprised if your little shangri-la takes a while to create, m’kay?

  • Have no idea about the dimensions of this space, but based on the photo it ain’t that “green” to begin with….The dog park comment (and no I don’t have a dog so I’m not a “dog person”) came from the fact that the thing is already fenced in and clearly not being used so therefore it could possibly, fairly easily be converted in to one without taking away other green space that is currently being used….Although after looking at the pictures again, it’s way too close to the buildings for a DP…but I can probably guarantee whether its kids, dogs or adults, if they open it up and make it a park where folks gather, those people in the building next door will complain

  • The only thing I hate more than puppies are children. Why doesn’t the city have any curmudgeon parks?

  • i think 11th and park is awful for a dog park.

    F dog parks. walk your dog, pick up his poop, and take him to the country.

    we dont have frigging horse parks in the city do we?

    its the city people.

    god i hate dog parks.

    and i have a dog

    and i live in a place where he runs around.

  • walk your dog! walk your dog!! since when did dogs have to run around and socialize ?they don’t need the doggie equivalent of kindergarden. just an owner who will take the time to walk them and occassionally take them out side of the city limits to go crazy and have a little fun. the dog parks i,ve seen in this citiy are small crappy messes with various owners rhapsodizing about god knows what humanistic trait they have decided to project on the beloved pet that day….my favorite was when one such owner told me i need to leave be cause my dog was “barking ” to much. dogs barking?? pardon me while i go stuff a pacifer in my neighbors baby.

  • wecome homeless? nice

  • Rock Creek Park, the Mall, Roosevelt Island, C&O Canal, Dupont/Logan/Grant/Sherman Circle, the hundreds of city, county and state parks in and around DC, etc. — how many of you people complaining about dog parks visit, much less use, these parks? In comparison to these, the dog parks people are advocating are mere scraps of land. Calm down already.

  • interesting that people who are no doubt liberal leaning, would joke about a public space being put to better use as a place for their dogs to hump and shit than for people with out homes to sit on a bench and relax for a moment

  • I love reading this blog, and usually love reading the comments. But this post has brought out a lot of haters and nasty people – you all sound like a bunch of whining babies.

  • Actually dogs do need the equivalent of kindergarten, They do need to socialize and they do need to run around. Obviously not a dog person.

    Look, the District does a piss poor job of managing it’s small parks. Yes, we need more playgrounds, a lot more if we are going to attract families back into the district — it’s not just the schools people, it’s about having infrastructure that supports families. But we also need more dog parks.

    But what I really wanted to comment on is what an awesome street French Street is. I had a friend that lived there in the mid-1990s. It was great then. A really strong block association. Very friendly neighbors. A yearly christmas tree for the block.

    Apparently, back in the day, the houses on French street would host all the afterhours parties for the jazz clubs. It was a rollicking fun street at 3 am in the 1920s and 1930s.

  • The reason people are hyper active about dog parks is that there aren’t ANY in this city (save the pilot project in Adams Morgan that is over-used since its the only one).
    Which, like may things in DC, is pretty archaic. (Yes, there are parks where people with dogs tend to congregate, but there aren’t any sanctioned/legal parks in the city). Yeah- we need to take better care of our playgrounds too, clearly. I don’t think anyone (except anti-dog park types) is suggesting that dogs are more important than people, or take precedence over children.

    If there weren’t any basketball courts of community gardens, people would get bent out of shape as well. Dog parks are for human recreation, not just a place for dogs to defecate. They are a good thing for the community, just like pottery classes, swimming pools and baseball fields. I’m not a dog park activist and I’m not on any committees, but I applaud people who care enough about this, or any other community topic to try to make a difference.

    IMGoph: I have a dog so I’ll answer your question. When I moved in to the city, I’ll admit I kind of assumed that there would be dog parks, as there are in every other city worth mapping in this county. I also assumed that the police would respond when called, that local government would be functional and accountable, and lot of other “givens.” Just because DC isn’t as world-class as it should be yet, doesn’t mean we should stop trying, right? Should we start telling people that people with children should know better than to move here because obviously the schools are crappy?

  • parkwood person: i said we should have dog parks. i said i agree with that position. i just said it would take time. it seems like the dog park people get angry when they don’t get what they want now. everything takes time, perhaps too much of it here in DC. it would have been wonderful to assume that everything should work correct here in the city when you got here, but that just ain’t the case.

  • I for one agree with Christopher. I would like to take it a step further and advocate for publically funded Dog Schools. We could use the public People Schools that the city is closing and fix them up real nice for the dogs.

  • dogs don’need to socialize! they need love of a big kind..exercise lots, depending on age and breed and the basics sit ,very important in an emergency situation.. not jumping on people, children or the kitchen counter after the oh so delicious yet potentionally deadly brownies, lastly not pulling on the leash, very important when your elderly slightly unsteady on her feet neighbor volunteers to take your precious on a walk. small city parks are for kids, adults. hair braiders even one or two souls drinking their beverage out of a bag as long as their not half in it..once again walk your dog like crazy…for a romp or two take a drive, some beverages find a big old place snap the leash off .

  • I want to talk about the pyramid, not dogs. Because I think it’s perfect for sacrificing virgins, and DC also lacks virgin-sacrificing ziggurats.

  • how about cat parks…. and hamster parks

  • dc lacks virgin-sacrificing ziggurats? with all of the pregnant kids i see running around, i would be more worried about the lack of virgins :/

    also, ive changed my mind about dog parks.. lets make more of them, everywhere! whatever it takes to keep the idiots and their dogs out of the stores im trying to shop in, off the crowded sidewalks im walking on, and out of the streets im driving on!

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