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  • Someone on my street also just put a shiny wrought iron fence. The gate isn’t nearly as impressive, but in both cases it looks out of place and a little absurd. Then again, maybe that’s part of its charm.

  • not my cup of tea but they put a lot of effort into it and it’s kind of fun hope they enjoy the heck out of it

  • Kinda Ft. Knox-ish. All its missing is a sentinel guard.

  • Thumbs down. If it was just the black doors, I might like it, but the entryway that with the big red ball on top and the birds and the grape embellishments are overkill.

  • That’s three posts in a row where you just throw some junk up there and ask people to comment on it. Why don’t you do some actual work and write something? Reading you is a chore.

  • Judge Smails-

    Then don’t read.

  • I agree with Judge Smails. POP, you should like, totally have your own awesome opinion.

  • Thumbs down. It looks like John Gotti’s mausoleum.

    (BTW Judge Smails, let’s see your blog.)

  • smails, no need to be snarky about it. if you are truly interested in pops opinion ask. im curious why you feel the need to be so negative?

  • I think reading this blog would become tedious if PoP gave his opinion on each and every thing he posted — and I bet he doesn’t want to offend any of the neighbors whose homes/gardens/etc he’s taking pictures of! I think the blog is pretty awesome the way it is.

  • I agree with DC Chica and not just because she used chica in her name. The idea is that PoP posts something, asks us what we think and we go at it. Someone could have written about the fruit of the vine $%^& above the gate, others about the brickwork on the fence, and now I’m focussing on the cool upstairs balcony on the house next door.

  • I see that Judge Smails has failed to respond. Pity, this could have become really interesting. I love good banter.

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