Have You Been To The New LZ Middle Eastern Restaurant Yet?


I wrote about LZ Restaurant a little over a month ago but finally got to taste the goods last weekend. It was phenomenal. Has anyone else had the chance to check them out yet? This little restaurant plays a huge part in the “Beautiful Life”. I’m telling you, I would sacrifice a digit to have a place like this on Upshur Street. The owners have put their heart and soul into the place. A restaurant like this is part of what makes city living so good. It is certainly not fancy but it is authentic. The bread I had was home made and I literally savored every bite. The spot is a bit hard to find on Florida Ave. just to the west of 14th St. but you can’t miss the yellow awning. You can dine in but it is also nice that take out is an option. So if you have a hankering for some authentic Middle Eastern food don’t miss this hidden treasure.


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  • I’ve been 4 times – fantastic falafel, hummus (try with the ground lamb on top appetizer) and good pita. Very nice folks running it – I sure hope they can make it, I haven’t seen much business the times there. Lucky me – it is close to my bike commute home.
    The green fixins on the side have good parsley and sometimes mint. Could use more mint and onions or other herbs, but I just add my own at home.

  • I had the vegetarian platter a few weeks ago, and I was generally pleased. Falafel was tasty, but a bit dry. Hummus and stuffed grape leaves were very, very good. The spinach and cheese pies were good, although a bit more doughy than I’d prefer. Will definitely return

  • I went about a month ago, and had falafel and the biryani rice. The rice was perfectly good, the falafel a bit dry – totally fine food and huge portions, but not the standout experience others seem to have had. The one woman working there, though, was extremely nice.

  • The couscous is truly amazing.

  • I pass by this place every day on my ride home, but after seeing this post I decided to stop by. The shawarma I ordered was so tasty. And you’re right–that bread (lafa, I think) is what makes it.

    I’ll be sure to try the couscous next time, but if I’m not careful, I’ll never make it home without stuffing myself again.

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