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  • Mulch is smelly.

  • Both this kind and the red kind are artificially dyed to achieve either the black or red color but that process uses tons of chemicals etc. Just buy the natural stuff, no dye!

  • Agree, mulch is smelly. Also you are not supposed to put mulch too close to your home, termites!

  • This is going to float away in the rain to add to river pollution and sewer overload. I had some that landscape guys put down before I bought the house and I have removed it. There is probably plastic under it too, compressing the soil into rock-hard mud and preventing rain from soaking in to the ground.

  • Mulch certainly has its benefits and shouldn’t be stinky! Mulch can help keep soil retain moisture and add organic matter to the soil as it breaks down. Too much mulch, of course, can damage plants and invite disease. (You really only need a couple of inches and it should not touch stems/trunks.) Dyed mulch just looks bad and rubber mulch is the worst!

  • pine needles make great mulch and have a beautiful scent

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