Good Deal or Not?


I thought this would be an interesting good deal or not because it is just down the street from a sweet good deal or not home featured two weeks ago. That one was completely renovated and is going for $824,500. This one is located at 2813 13th Street and is an end unit row house. The flier says, “Lots of space for the money (3959 sq/ft) Freshly painted throughout and shows beautifully! Formal DR, large Kit w/ sunroom, 5 BR + 2 den/study, CAC, gas fireplace and full unfinished basement.” The asking price is $729,000. So good deal or not? In addition, is it a better or worse deal than the one up the street?

Ed. note: If anyone finds interior photos please post a link in the comments.

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  • It uses mouseonhouse, my absolutely favorite virtual tour:

  • too high–while it would have been snapped up at this price during the height of the market–it will not sell unless owners come down…..

  • All that money and the left the crab grass yard and crappy fence in back?

  • hmm, it looks like that front entrance could be turned into one of those vestibules you love so much!

  • That is a really nice virtual tour website — photos in conjunction with the floorplan and measurements really put everything in context much better than just photos. I wish all listings worked that way.

  • first of all it is on 13th street. Houses on major streets sell for a little less than those on side streets. Second the kitchen is move in ready but for that price should have all new appliances and better counters and cabinates. third am I the only one that sees the HUGE bowed out right wall of the house. That is scary. unless the picture was taken with a fish bowl lense?

  • that bowing is a lens artifact. brick doesn’t bow like that, it cracks.

  • Is there off street parking in the rear? There appears to be a parking space behind the yard in the photos, but its unclear whether it belongs to that house or to the neighboring home. OSP could add a lot to the home value in that area.

  • I’m not a fan of how they’ve trimmed out this house, but you could easily raise three kids in it, especially if you were willing to put a bathroom up on the third floor, and not counting what a finished basement might add. To my way of thinking that makes it at least a little bit special. (Conversely, a couple or a couple with one kid may not like it as much — how many extra bedroom/offices does a family need?)

  • the only issue is the location, the size of the house warrants $729k

  • I think its fairly priced, if not a good deal. That is assuming the systems, roof, etc., are in good condition and won’t need replacing anytime soon. I guess it’s technically an end unit rowhouse, but one end is on an alley rather than a corner of 2 streets. It’s probably easy to point out what is wrong or not perfect with this house, but I do think it is attractively priced.

    Also, someone in the comments said that rowhouses on major streets sell for a little less than those on side streets. I’m not so sure that is true. I know for a fact that the townhouses b/n V and W on 13th sell for more than the townhouses b/n V and W on 12th street (and they were all built by the same developer at the same time with identical floorplans—I think that’s about the best apples to apples comparison you are ever going to get).

  • My husband and I raised three kids in a Petworth rowhouse, the last graduating from college just this spring. And we shared the 1 bathroom on the upstairs floor. And no one was exiled in the basement. Back in the day, a mortgage here was much more affordable. But yeah, the price seems a bit high, but it’s 5 bedrooms, renovated, CAC and best of all, it’s an end unit. Bet they’d sell it for an even 700.

  • The crazy topiary in the front yard makes my day. I’ve been watching for years as they try to get two bushes trained along steel post to form like a 10 ft high arch right at the sidewalk. Hope the future owner keeps it wack.

  • Hey PoP, would you be interested in including fixer-uppers in your “Good Deal or Not?” posts? I have a friend looking to buy one in DC in the next year (he’s worked construction before, so he knows what he’s getting into by buying one), and I love the insight that PoP’s readers offer on some these houses — thanks!

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