Good Deal or Not Update


Looks like the fantasy edition house sold in less than two months. I wonder if it went for the almost $1.3 million. Can any sleuths out there find out what the final sales price was?

So is this any indication that the market is beginning to stabilize in DC? Or was this house just that sweet?

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  • It’s pretty easy to find out how much it sold for. That’s all public record. One good method is the “Changing Hands” section of DCNorth. The June edition is in, but I don’t see this listing:

  • I went to see a house @ 1111 Lamont St. NW this weekend. Asking prices is 1.1MM. Even if the house I saw settles for 900K, it is safe to say that CH has entered another stratosphere.

  • I am thrilled for the sellers and also the new owners! The sellers are a great couple who have worked to improve CH since 2003, and this is a beautiful house.

  • The public records can take months to get updated (I know, surprising considering the responsiveness and madd customer service skills of DCRA…) but I’m guessing it didn’t go down too far, if at all, with sale that quick. I think the new owners scored- it is a beautiful house.

  • That House is pretty awesome. It is definitely my favorite on the block. I walk by it every day on walks with the dog and to and from Wonderland.

  • What’s the address? I can look it up in the MLS.

  • It’s 1309 Kenyon. I guess it sold for $1.1 million in 2005, according to this:

  • It’s still under contract. Not supposed to close to the end of August. It started at $1,299,000 and was reduced to $1,190,000. The current owner is breaking even or losing money since they bought at the height of the market and are selling now. Gorch’s post that it sold in 2005 for 1.1K is accurate. So far in ’08, there’s only 3 houses in 20010 that have sold for a mil or more. 2 renovated houses and one bohemoth (8,000sf) that used to be a half way house.

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