Good Deal or Not? Condo Edition


Located at 1616 11th Street, the Logan Park condos available range from $359,900 to $575,000. The flier states: “16 units, stainless steel appliances, retro accent lighting, iPod docking stations, steps to Shaw and U Street metros, secure underground parking, expansive common roof terrace…”

Units available include a 1 bedroom 1 den 1 bath 682 square feet for $359,900 with $176.33 condo fee.
2 bedroom 2 baths 1087 square feet for $499,900 with $280.05 condo fee.
Penthouse 2 bedroom 2 baths 1087 square feet for $575,000 with $311.17 condo fee.

More information here. Click on Logan Park. So good deal or not?

Ed. note: I’m happy to feature fixer uppers please send me addresses if you come across them otherwise I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them.

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  • For something selling for $500,000+ the only reason to mention an iPod docking station is the “lifestyle for sale” marketing strategy. I hate that crap. Ok deal for units not on the first floor.

  • I walk by these on my way to work every morning and every morning I wonder who on earth would spend that much money to have someone be able to practically stand in your bedroom (that would be the first floor aprtment whose window is at the bottom left corner of the photo.) I don’t have the money for it, but if I did, I’d opt for a little more privacy. It seems to be a trend — I keep seeing condos up and down 11th Street with floor-to-ceiling windows. Is it so bad to have a normal window looking out onto the street rather than exposing everything you own (or, in my case, every mess in your house?)

  • iPod docking stations? Give me a break! Whatever happened to the good old fashioned radio?

  • I hate aluminum windows, it will look run down in under 10 years

  • Square footage a little low on the PH units….

  • I haven’t seen a really good deal for new constructions. Renovated condos in older buildings with everything (minus the stupid iPod dock) are selling for less these days. I guess some people are willing to pay the premium to be the first tenants in these flimsy, crappy towers.

  • my cousin said that banks are not offering loans to move into new construction condos unless they’re mostly sold. Anyone heard about this?

  • I went in t5hese and was not impressed — small and low quality I thought — esp for the high price — but that’s my two cents

  • I wonder how many of the people that comment on high prices have actually purchased property in the last two years

  • Not purchased, but I’m looking to buy right now. And older properties are consistently better buys than these new constructions. Yes, DC is expensive, but these new constructions are comparatively utter rip-offs.

  • not a good deal. 1 BD, 1 den and less than 700 sq. ft.? that doesn’t sound cool. i live in a 1 bd, 1.5 bath and it is 864 sq. ft.

  • agree with Ken…checked these out – poor workmanship and quality. very tight/cramped and not much attention to detail.

  • Not a good deal.

    As a renter, I got so annoyed when everything started going condo 3 or 4 years ago. Now I just laugh at people losing their shirts.

    Yes, I’m small like that.

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