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DSCN1404, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Ponds are the coolest. This one even had some fish in it. It still boggles my mind that the fish don’t get eaten by cats, raccoons, etc.

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  • I also refer to these as:
    Mosquito breading grounds
    and best of all
    Rat’s water hole – rats need water too (don’t they?)

  • The fish really do eat the larvae, and mosquitos landing to lay eggs – when there are fish in it. I suspect the owner has a line on a cheap source of goldfish and just re-stocks. The rat thing gives me the creeps, though.

  • Ponds and waterfalls are awesome, but I do wonder about attracting rats.

  • we have had a decent sized pond and waterfall for the last four years and never had a mosquito problem — they don’t seem to lay eggs in moving water and our fish eat whatever lands in the pond. and i have only ever seen one rat, which was visiting from my next door neighbor’s abandoned house.

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