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Now that I’ve got this fancy poll thing down I thought I’d ask this question once and for all. I’ve been getting a number of emails from folks who are concerned that crime is increasing in the summer months. Here is the last post written on the subject. Obviously your answer is based on your own comfort level and may vary a bit depending on what neighborhood you live in but it should capture the basic sentiment on the topic. So the Friday question of the day is how late will you walk home (for the purpose of this poll let’s say alone)?

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  • it varies, later on fri and sat when streets are busier spring summer and fall feel safer too.i go with my instincts if i’m not feeling confident or things seem dicey i drive or cab it.

  • Kinda depends where. Here in Mt. P on the main roads I feel pretty safe regardless. A few streets over, no (sorry Columbia Heights!)

  • I’ll walk up until about 10pm…after that it’s much safer to be on a bike. With a bicycle, by the time any sketchy folks realize your in their ‘zone’ you’re gone.

  • yeah, i think it depends on when it get’s dark – wintertime earlier, say 5, summertime 9:30.

  • It depends on where I’m coming from to a large extent. From Dupont, basically anytime is fine. From Shaw, maybe anything after 12am and I would be a little nervous alone.

  • Walking and biking are so different from a comfort view they shouldn’t be in the same question. Walking home – dark; biking – no limit.

  • I agree with AngryParakeet. Maybe I shouldn’t feel so secure, but I’ll bike home at all hours – often in places I would think twice about walking home from. Mentally, I feel much more comfortable knowing that someone would have to go through considerably more trouble to hassle me while on the bike v. walking

  • I don’t know if a bike would make me feel a whole lot safer, I mean wouldn’t all someone would have to do is push you over when you pass by, then you would be stunned and hurt and probably tangled up?

    As lazy as this sounds, even though its less than a mile away, I sometimes will park my car down near the metro on Georgia if there is a spot or a side street near there if I know I am going to be returning late. It feels much better knowing I can hop off the metro if its late and jump in my car when I get back.

  • Depends where I’m coming from and how much I’ve had to drink. Oh, and how mobile I am at that particular time.

    Although, I am so rarely coming home alone these days, as several more of my friends have moved into the neighborhood and the husband is traveling MUCH much much less than he used to..

    Wow, I just can’t answer this question at all any more. OK, so if I say I ride the bus or train to GA/NH and walk alone from there. In the summer, sober, until about 12, 12:30. In the winter, I don’t know. About the same, but maybe a bit earlier, as the streets are emptier when it’s cold.

  • I am one of those skewing the trend to the early hours. Cross reference this with your age poll and you might see a correlation.

  • Makes no difference what time you are willing to walk home…crime happens day or night, summer or fall. Just be smart.

  • I think you should have had Male or Female buttons…… my husband would walk home nearly anytime but I would not.

  • What about the dog walkers out there? It might be irrational, but I feel comfortable walking my dogs any time of night. They’re not necessarily menacing but I have this notion that the “bad guys” know that dog walkers don’t carry cash or wallets when strolling with the pups at night. Is that stupid?

  • If I ever got to the point where I was afraid to walk around my hood at ANY time of the day, I would just pack up and move to Nebraska. It’s a city – as M said, just be smart.

  • When we are out on weekends, the wife and I usually cab it home from the Ft. Totten metro after 10pm. I looked at the MPD database for the area along the pedestrian path and Ft Totten Drive to our home and most incidents occur along that area between 10:00pm and 6:00 am. Better safe than sorry.

  • JC are you a woman or a man? I think that makes a big difference too. I heard on the radio a woman had a big dog and would take it out running at night alone thinking the dog would deter people. They just killed her dog and she ended up in Rock Creek Park. I don’t think people should expect this every time they go out walking, but it happens and having a dog, a bike, a weapon etc. shouldn’t really be a reason to let your guard down. I don’t think women should have to walk around afraid we are going to be targets every where everytime, but I don’t think we should ignorant to the facts just because we don’t think its right we are more often the victims.

  • Totally different between walking and biking. After 10 or so I’d take a cab rather than walk alone. I would bike home alone at any hour.

  • @M — you really believe that walking alone at 3am and 3pm are no different?

    It seems that logic often goes out the window when it comes to crime on this blog. I’m always amazed at the people here who argue that Columbia Heights is no more dangerous than any other neighborhood, including even Friendship Heights. The only way I can see that one can come to this conclusion is via perverted logic that goes something like this:

    A person was mugged in Friendship Heights.
    A person was mugged in Columbia Heights.
    Therefore, it is possible for a person to be mugged in either Friendship Heights or in Columbia Heights.
    (No problem up till here, but the leap is coming….)
    Conclusion, Columbia Heights is no more dangerous than Friendship Heights.

  • Someone was giving me (and my husband) a hard time just last night after I mentioned being out alone (I’m female) with our dog at 3am. Not that it happens often, but I don’t worry very much at all when she’s with me, even at more normal hours. Like JC said, I’ve got a cell phone (maybe), and that’s it, so I’m not worth mugging. And my dog is not going to let someone threatening anywhere near me, period. Yeah, someone could shoot or otherwise kill the dog, but if they’re that determined… well, I probably didn’t stand much chance to begin with, dog or not.

    That said, I’m not stupid and don’t zone out just because I’m walking with a dog. I still pay attention to what’s going on around me and I stick to the busier streets – easy, because we live on 13th. But I do refuse to feel threatened every time I leave the house.

  • Coming from the metro, I would think it depends on distance and direction. I feel reasonably comfortable walking three blocks up Georgia from the metro, since it seems to be lit up like a football field and fairly open most of the way. I don’t know if I’d feel the same way if I had to go up New Hampshire or down towards Liquor Store Row on Georgia.

    I’ve always had a theory that would-be muggers are more likely to be trolling around fancier neighborhoods late at night than they are in their own ‘hood. I got mugged at gunpoint near 23rd and Virginia in Foggy Bottom once. The cops said the same guy had mugged a couple in Georgetown a half hour earlier.

  • @anonymous 12:24.

    Yep, no different. In April of this year there was a shooting on 10th and Randolph St. at 5 in the afternoon. My friend was mugged on Quincy and 10th at 6pm. I don’t have any flawed logic, just experience.

    If people really don’t want to walk alone at night with a dog, without a dog, drunk or not drunk in Columbia Heights, Friendship Heights or Petworth, then they need to move out of the city. Like I said just be smart all the time!

  • @M, you just confirmed my suspicion about the type of logic you use (despite your assertion otherwise).

  • Anonymous – never mind we will never agree and you cannot judge my logic. I’m done with this blog. Tired of talking about crime

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I hear you M, one post out of 75 this week was (nominally) about crime. Good grief!

  • Listen, if you are so incredibly afraid of crime I think you shouldn’t live in the city. You obviously will be too paranoid to enjoy all it has to offer. One of the best parts of living in an urban area is walking everywhere, no matter what time it is and not having to worry about drinking and driving.

    I live at 10th and Florida and walk home at all hours of the night, by myself, and haven’t had any problems. That being said, several people I know have been mugged all over the city. I think it’s more important to discuss what we can do about crime rather than hand-wring and indulge our fears. One life, people.

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