Daytime Shooting in Adams Morgan?

I’m saddened to write about another apparent day time shooting. From a reader:

“I woke up to the sound of a gunshot this morning right outside my apartment at 18th & Kalorama. I wasn’t entirely sure that it was a gunshot – in fact largely convinced myself I was mistaken – but then when I headed outside about a half hour later, I found the whole area crawling with police and criss-crossed with yellow tape.  I was curious if you have any other info on what happened, or could find out for me. It is really disconcerting to see your home turf cordoned off as a serious crime area, especially in broad daylight.”

At 12:56pm a DC Alert message went out:

” MPD reports the following blocks closed for police investigation:
2200-2500 18th St. NW, 1600-1800 Columbia Rd. NW, 1700-1800 Belmont
Rd. NW; 1700-1800 Kalorama Rd NW.”

Anyone know if a suspect was apprehended?

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  • According to the Adams Morgan yahoo group posting fromm Jim Graham….at 11 AM Sunday morning, a Latino adult was shot in the leg in front of Radio Shack, 1700 block of Columbia Road. Thereafter, friends and onlookers chased the shooter down 18th Street. Reportedly, the shooter was roughed up by the crowd. He fired additional shots but no other person was injured. He was arrested by MPD, and the gun seized, on 18th St.

    Both victim and shooter were taken to the hospital.

    Information I have indicates that the shooter may have had North Carolina identification, and was a Latino adult.

    This is an insane act. We appreciate the courageous response by onlookers, and the rapid MPD response as well.

  • Kudos the the people who chased this guy down! Thats great news, though I wish they would have held him to the ground while the police got there. No need to rough him up if he is apprehended!

  • A friend who witnessed this event relayed this info to me: One Latino male shot at another Latino male 3 times in front of the Radio Shack, striking him once in the leg. An employee at City Bikes who is also an EMT ran out and tried to stop the bleeding. He said it looked like the victim was hit in the femoral artery – lots of blood. The gunman took off running down Champlain past the City Paper building with the gun in his waistband. Apparently a few folks were chasing him. My buddy was unsure if these were bystanders or friends of the victim. At some point on Champlain St the gunman fired three shots at the guys chasing him. My friends called 911 immediately and told the dispatcher there was a shooting at Columbia Rd & Champlain St. As has happened to myself and others before, the MPD call taker demanded a street address & said she couldn’t/wouldn’t dispatch police until he gave her the street address. Un-f*^&ing believable. He said Police response took “a while”. With the way MPD dispatches calls I’m not surprised. Apparently the ‘chasers’ caught and beat up the gunman down on Kalorama Rd at 18th St, holding him until MPD arrived.

    One thing that needs to come out of this is that fake immigration ID’s are sold openly and boldly up and down the 1600 and 1700 lock of Columbia Rd. every day. It’s utter bs in my opinion that this is allowed to occur. The guys that sell these ID’s also run drugs and prostitution operations, bringing in women from from El Salvador. This attracts a really shady crowd. About every 3 years the feds bust everything wide open, and then within a week it’s business as usual. Articles on the raids here:

  • TSA, which runs the checkpoints at the airports, reports that its new ID checking system at the airports is catching dozens of fake IDs daily. At least that could help.

  • As someone who was there and witnessed the entire thing, the 911 situation was out of control.

  • Oh and as for the MICA sales on Columbia Rd, OntarioRoader is right that its a problem, there was giant bust there about three years ago which helped things die down for a bit. The problem with the document sales is that because it’s a federal situation, that is handled by ICE and that’s where the tangled web of law enforcement agencies gets confusing (MPD isn’t always informed about what the other agencies are doing).

  • Can’t believe PoP didn’t report this, but there was a shooting/homicide actually in Petworth this weekend – on my block.

    From Lt. Johnson:

    On 7/12/08 at approximately 11:40 pm three individuals were shot in the 5100 block of 7th NW. The first victim was shot multiple time, transported to a local area hospital were he was official pronounced dead. The second victim also sustained a gunshot wound and was transported to a local area hospital and his condition is unknown at this time. The third victim received a superficial wound to the head, was treated by DCFEMS on the scene and released. Anyone with information in reference to this case is asked to call 202-727-9099

  • jtnt – what was the cross street?

  • These people are out of bounds.. I guess the summer time hobby of choise for some is.. well..

    “The third victim received a superficial wound to the head, was treated by DCFEMS on the scene and released. ”


  • 5100 block of 7th puts it between Gallatin & Hamilton streets.

  • Why that area of Columbia isn’t cleaned up is beyond me. Back before cell phones they sold stolen calling card numbers right in the same space – a guy would sit atop the trash can outside the Safeway, someone would walk up and hand him money, he’d hop off the can and retreive a piece of paper with a number from under the can and then follow the person to the pay phone and enter the pin. You sould watch it for hours and know exactly what they were doing. It is the same now, but with SS cards and other documents. This “petty” crime that has been going on for about 20 years is what makes the criminals think that they can do whatever they want. Shut it down – jurisdiction be damned!

  • A bit of topic…. but does anyone know what the loud bangs were on Sat. night? It was about 9:00 p.m. and lasted for approx. 1/2 hour. They weren’t gun shots more like thunder or fireworks (not the neighborhood kind but a legitimate fireworks show).

    I thought maybe the Nationals were shooting fireworks at the stadium.

  • The blocks between Farragut and Hamilton are becoming unruly.

  • thanks, ontarioroader.

  • Julie,
    I think it was the Alexandria fireworks. I could hear it too and remembered my friend was going to watch fireworks in Alexandria that night. I was surprised to be able to hear them all the way in Petworth/CH!

  • I’m a new parent and moved into the Petworth neighborhood more than three years go and actually grew up in the Adams Morgan area. Violence has always been a problem in Adams Morgan and now living in Petworth it seems there are isolated incidents through out the year. Where does one draw the line if you have a family? Should I be worried? What can I do to help stop these violent acts?

    Just thought I’d reach out to other parents and citizens and see how they cope with violence when its in your back yard.

  • Anon, I’m another parent concerned about crime here in Petworth. (This weekend’s murder was just a few blocks from my child’s wonderful in-home daycare, which is extra-upsetting to me.) I tend to comfort myself with the fact that most of the violence and all of the murders I’ve heard of in Petworth seems to involve people who know each other; I hope that my family can stay safe just by not being involved in the drug trade. I know that my block also owes a lot of its safety to its self-described “Nosy Neighbor” and “Block Captain,” each of who spends hours every week sitting on their porches, watching what’s going on–and speaking up if they see something they don’t approve of.

  • Go ZetteZelle! As a parent, and with another one on the way, I too am concerned!

  • David, I’d been meaning to drop you a note about your possible ANC run–unfortunately, you’re not in my SMD, so I can’t vote for you. But hearing that you’re a parent gives me an idea: is there any interest among parents in our ANC to have a rotating childcare agreement to allow more of us to attend meetings? My husband has a standing meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, so I’ve never been to an ANC meeting. But if there are other parents in the same boat, it might be worth asking whether there’s room at the ROC for us to have a children’s room, with parents taking turns looking after several little ones while other parents attend the meeting.

    Or am I the only person who would like something like this?

  • What a fabulous idea! It could also allow all the younger kids to get to know each other, and as all the kids would be from parents engaged in the neighborhood, it would almost guarantee strong, new friendships for the kids. If Joe, as the chair, doesn’t spot this idea, I can certainly forward it to him.

  • An article in the WaPo today mentioned that the police blockade of Trinidad drove drug sellers and seekers to move to different neighborhoods.

    That means, of course, of clashes between dealers and property crimes wherever the junkies go.

  • i have lived in d.c. for 20 yrs. the wave of violence over the last 10 months or so feels extreme in its nature shootouts stabbings day or night…is this the worst it’s been in along while?

  • Its also the haven of rival gangs in that area – this is the season where most shootings occur by these groups. Just keep your eyes open and be careful. If I had to put my money on it – it was rival gang members. MS 13 is heavily in that area as well as 18th Street.

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