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I seek the PoP’s advice on the 4th of July activities. I have lived in DC for several years but have yet to spend a July 4th in town – it happens that I am usually on summer vacation elsewhere at the time. I have friends coming in and I would like to take them out for drinks and then get them in range to see the fireworks display downtown. What is the farthest out I can be north of the mall and still get a view of the action? Also, what are the bars like down there during the lead-up to the display? I would like to get the drinks close enough to the mix of things to get the 4th of July vibe. However, I would like to avoid the running from over-crowded bar to over-crowded bar up to the fireworks show. Can I strike the delicate balance anywhere downtown (for the sake of the conversation, I am considering Dupont, etc “downtown”)?

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Jimmy D.

My response after the jump (photo above view from Cardozo High School) leave your suggestions in the comments.

Dear Jimmy,

Without a doubt the best place farthest north would be at 13th and Clifton by Cardozo High School. I mean this view is unbelievable everyday when there are no fireworks. You can imagine how sick it is with fireworks mixed in. Personally, I like to check out the “local” shows as well. I usually start off on my porch and just walk block to block. Other’s have written me about great local shows that can be seen at Grant and Sherman circles. But I gather that if this is your first time in DC for the show you’d like to see the official one. So don’t debate, head to Cardozo. It also has the benefit of being a stones throw from many of the great bars along U Street. So you can get some drinks along U Street first and then head up 13th to Cardozo. If you want to be a bit closer to downtown for drinks, in the past I’ve had a good time at the Big Hunt located on Connecticut Ave. just south of Dupont Circle. Washingtonian agrees with me about Cardozo and they also have some other good suggestions.

Enjoy the show(s)!


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  • I did Cardozo last year, but it is a pretty wild scene. Be prepared to duck and cover.

  • Just remember, check if your bar of choice will be open on the 4th. Many places outside of Fedworld are closed on the 4th.

  • Another good spot is is standing on the edge (eastern) of 18th street by the tennis courts, just a few blocks below all the bar action in Adams Morgan. Across the street is a quiet a pleasant african bar (Eritrean or Ethiopian — please take no offense at my inability to differentiate). Up the street oon the same side is Angles, which is a fun bar.

  • Cardozo. It’s a little hazardous, but the same could be said for DC life in general.

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