Columbia Heights Dog Park Petition

From a reader:

“We are trying to build and demonstrate support for a dog park at the corner of 11th and Park (across from RedRocks and the future Meridian Pint). This is a small piece of land currently owned and used by Metro for ventilation.

Can you please ask your dog owning and non-dog owning readers to take a moment to sign the petition? Of course we would love the PoP’s stamp of approval on this as well!



I think it’s a great idea. Best of luck!

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  • The dog parks I’ve seen quickly become unattractive, smelly, noisy, denuded pieces of land. God bless the dog-lovers, but this would not be a good thing for the neighborhood.

  • NOT! ‘Used by Metro for ventilation’; so, metro riders can be held hostage by the smell of dog poop and urine.

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