Bike Lanes Ready To Go in on 5th Street

DSCN1628, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Looks like I should take the old schwinn out of storage. Would you be more likely to bike if there were more designated bike lanes in town?

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  • I bike about 2 blocks of this section every morning on my way to work.

    Drivers are…confused about the change to say the least. They like to ride half in the bike lane, half out. Never stopping at the 4-way at 5th and Randolph, of course.

  • honestly, some of you cyclists, and i’ll repeat SOME, are the most self-righteous people on the planet

    just amazing…guess what, the lanes are not painted on yet so you don’t have your bike lanes…and not all drivers are confused…in fact, the picture shows two cars driving in the car lane and completely avoiding the soon-to-be bike lane

    and drivers never stop at a 4-way? are you kidding me? pot, meet mr. black kettle

  • I agree, the cyclist should ride like there are no bike lanes.

    The best part of bike lanes is the contant fear of having a door opened into your front wheel

  • I bike as my primary mode of transportation and I am always happy to see more bike lanes. Bike lanes make things easier and safer not just for the bikers, but for the cars too.

  • I agree, but that’s not the point. The point is that ds portrays the typical commenter in this ongoing battle. He or she comes across as a holier-than-thou, self-righteous schmuck who paints the other side with the broadest of strokes. Honestly, he or she is no better than the insane driver that wants you all off the rode.

    The same biker vs driver fued is going to continue on if both sides don’t start treating each other with a little respect and decency. I use both modes of transportation and I’m happy about that. It gives me some perspective and makes me a better cyclist and a better driver. I suggest both sides try to think about the other’s perspective when out on the road. It would make the road a better place

  • It’d be nice if there were more bike lanes, though I have to wonder what genius at DDOT decided that some of the major bike lanes also happen to be along major bus routes. I know they are *supposed* to come all the way into the stop and be parallel to the curb, but they *rarely* do.

  • I didn’t say drivers never stop at 4 ways, I said they never stop at this particular one. It’s a fact. There is very little cross traffic on Randolph and fairly heavy and fast traffic coming down 5th headed to Park Place. I walk, bike and drive through that intersection all the time. Drivers on 5th do not stop there unless there is another vehicle already stopped on Randolph. If there is no car there, or one a bit back, they slow a tad and go through the intersection. Sit there and watch sometime!

    I always stop at every stop sign and red light on my bike, because frankly I pretend that no one can see me, and I’m not interested in dying on my way to work.

    I fail to see what was self-righteous about my comment. I said the change would take some getting used to, as most changes do and that people tend to blow through a particular stop sign in our neighborhood. I didn’t say people in cars don’t deserve to be on the road. I could care less. I bike because it is cheaper/more fun/and faster than driving or metro not because I have some kind of messianic complex.

  • Way to over-react, ‘enus gobunger’.

  • Look…say I over-reacted all you want. The fact of the matter is that I’m reacting to every single post and comment about how all the drivers do this and the drivers do that…how the city shouldn’t have cars and that drivers should stay in va. Then there are the drivers talking about the “stupid bikers who don’t follow the rules” and are generally worse than drivers. Blah blah blah. I can’t handle it anymore. And, ds, while you didn’t say all of that, but you certainly came across as anti-driver. You did.

    And pip, you’ve added nothing to the conversation. Way to be worthless.

  • DS should be anti-driver. The behavior of local drivers is absolutely criminal and anyone who walks or bikes in this town can be expected to have little good to say about them as a whole.

  • Great… yeah, let’s turn this into another bikers vs. drivers thread. That will something really new and fun, won’t it?

  • jesus christ. So the bus stops in the bike lane some of the time? So sometimes a driver will open his door into the bike lane without first checking his mirror? Shocking!

    The bus can stop in the bike lane. It is legal. Read the DC code; it’s all in there. DDOT doesn’t operate the buses, so if you don’t like the way the bus driver drives, talk to WMATA or… better yet… talk to the driver.

    This whole dooring and bike lane thing is fucking stupid. Expect to get doored and ride accordingly. Ride where you would ride if there was no bike lane (read: out of the door zone) on the road in question. Because some people, in some places, sometimes get doored, that’s not a reason to stop the striping of bike lanes.

    Tips on surviving the bike lane:
    1. Look up the road and anticipate obstacles.
    2. Look at the brake lights/reverse lights on the parked cars. If you see an illuminated brake light extinguish–expect the car door to open!
    3. Watch what the people on the sidewalk are doing. If it looks like a person is about to walk out into the street… anticipate that he will do so, and give him room.
    4. If you are afraid of the bike lane, then don’t ride in it.

    The bike lane is there to slow down cars more than any other reason. Without the magic white stripe that road because an unmarked two lane road, and all hell breaks loose. I fear that more than I fear getting doored.

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