Best Name For An Incorporated Non Profit

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I don’t mean to belittle the work that this group is probably doing but I have to note the name. It is phenomenal:

“Cease Fire Don’t Smoke The Brothers Inc.”

We need them and their work now more than ever.

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  • I haven’t heard that name in years, yes, it’s insane

  • Err.. can some explain what it is supposed to mean?

  • What about the “sisters”?

  • Anon – I believe that this would be a group focused on non-violence, violence reduction in the African-American community. “Cease fire” is pretty self-explanatory, particularly in light of the recent surge in DC gun violence. “Don’t smoke the brothers” would imply a need to end black-on-black violence and murders – ‘smoke’ I presume to mean as shoot, off, kill, etc.

    Good to see, well needed, and welcome to see emergent form of civil society.

  • ShermanCircle, shouldn’t there be a comme between Cease fire and don’t smoke the brothers?

  • Thor – Yes, I agree and thought the same. But I didn’t want to knock the good intentions with grammatical suggestions.

  • “Cease fire and don’t smoke the brothers” Is actually from Backyard Band (UPT Go-Go Band) song they put that track out in the early/mid 90’s- FYI.

  • This might be Peaceaholics, and I expect people to jump on my $%^& for what I’m going to say. But I don’t like the idea of “don’t smoke the brothers”. Does it mean it’s OK to smoke (that means kill) others, especially if they aren’t “brothers”? You shouldn’t kill people if they’re of your same race or ethnic background but if they aren’t, it’s OK? Why not just don’t kill at all?

  • Anon at 4:20pm – I agree with you.

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