Ben’s Next Door to Open in August?


Don’t know how I missed this but there was a great story last week in Bisnow reporting that the new Ben’s Chili Bowl project will be called Ben’s Next Door. They say:

“Brothers Kamal and Nizam Ali don’t want to change the original Bowl, which was opened by their parents, Ben and Virginia in August ’58. The 1213 U Street, NW, eatery is staying the same, but the bros will be opening Ben’s Next Door, where patrons “can finally get a chili dog and a beer.” They say the new space, coming in August, will be the “Bowl version of a bar” and offer a more upscale ambiance than the original.”

This is super cool. So from the picture above do you think they’ll be ready by August. Do you think an upscale version of Ben’s with a bar will work?

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  • i was very curious about what was going up next door to it. Ben’s Chili Bowl w/ beer? it’s a dream come true

  • this is quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever heard. Ever.

  • I don’t know whether to laugh or cry – it is a beautiful thing!

  • I was in labor (around 15 years ago) and nothing but a Ben’s half smoke would do. I’m glad that I might be able to celebrate the sweet 16 of my daughter’s birth at a new Ali location. Best wishes to a family that has held on, held up and helps the neighborhood maintain its roots.
    Boy, it’s a lot different than it was in 1997 when I had to move away from 13th & T after 10 years. You folks should never, ever, dis the Ali family. They were there the whole {Metro blah blah Metro} whole {10 year construction- post riot) time.
    And I will 2nd cupcake that it is a “beautiful thing” and every time I walk by Ben’s and my old house I choke up a bit.

  • “more upscale ambiance” does not take a whole lot in this case….

  • they’re serving ice cold heineken on tap

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